Posted: October 20, 2008

Neowater Provides a New Solubilization Service, Which Has Significant Value-Added in Drug-Delivery Applications

(Nanowerk News) Pathogens evolve every day, and hence challenges met by the worldwide health care centers are tremendous. Therefore, one has to keep up with these fast and efficient techniques to identify infections as early as possible.
Do-coop Technologies Ltd. is a private company established in 1997 in Israel near Tel Aviv close to the Ben-Gurion International Airport. It has developed a patented Nanotechnology system to modify the properties of water using nanometer size particles. This enables the first ever introduction of water-based biomaterials.
Neowater® is the first branded product of Do-coop, which targets the molecular diagnostics and research market within the Life Science industry. It is also offering new soluble service for Pharma and Biotech companies to enhance bioavailability and solubility of existing and new drugs. Do-coop qualifies for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. The Neowater® technology is generated using a distinctive and innovated patented-process, challenges, and contemporary notions about water as well as the fundamental understanding of modern Physics.
Do-coop has the required proficiencies in the fields of Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Neowater® has developed exceptional and half step PCR based kits for a rapid and consistent identification of various avian, feline and canine disease tests.
These kits are freeze free thus, the expense of shipping and storing are reduced, as it can be stored at room temperature. The diagnostic company such as Karnieli Ltd. presently uses Neowater®. To know more about Neowater® log on to . If you have queries or question you can log on to this site and you will receive a prompt reply from lets you know all the necessary information related to their current projects and services to other companies and detailed reports, supports, forums and media details.
Everyone loves to have a life of quality. Technology does go a long way in helping lead us a quality life, but sometimes one needs to have a superior technology to solve certain problems. Neowater® is a technology that will help you lead this quality life. On, you can also join their research in their field of water physics and chemistry.
Source: Do-coop (press release)
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