Posted: October 20, 2008

Millipore Launches Unique Cell Culture Medium for Three-Dimensional Culture of Epidermal Keratinocytes

(Nanowerk News) Millipore Corporation, a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced the release of a unique cell culture medium for generating three-dimensional, in vivo-like, epidermal keratinocyte models. Developed by CELLnTEC Advanced Cell Systems, this Epidermal Keratinocyte 3D medium is made available by Millipore as part of a partnership agreement signed in 2006.
In the past, the preparation of 3D epidermal in vitro models has been left primarily to specialized commercial providers, which supply established 3D skin models that must be used immediately upon delivery. Labs choosing to prepare their own models have often struggled with complicated protocols and the use of culture media designed for cell isolation and proliferation, rather than the specific demands of a 3D model requiring complete differentiation.
To fill this void, CELLnTEC developed a new 3D-optimized medium, which along with CELLnTEC™ primary human keratinocytes and Millicell® inserts from Millipore, can now be used to cost-effectively establish 3D epidermal models in your own lab. Together, these three products now enable researchers to routinely establish 3D epidermal models in their own lab, to their own schedule, using a proven protocol. In addition, this system uses completely defined culture media, giving researchers complete control of their experimental conditions and timing, all at a more attractive price.
Cell Culture Medium for Three-Dimensional Culture of Epidermal Keratinocytes
In recent years, a large body of research has shown that fresh primary cells more accurately model the in vivo situation than established cell lines. In addition, it has also been widely shown that 3D cell cultures recapitulate the in vivo situation much more closely than 2D cultures in many situations. Accordingly, 3D cultures established using primary cells represent the most accurate method of modeling complex biological processes in vitro.
The establishment of a 3D in vitro model places very specific demands on the cell culture medium. First, the medium must encourage cells to reach terminal differentiation as they stratify and establish the multiple layered structure. However in parallel, the medium must also maintain a population of proliferative cells in the basal layer, which will continue the supply of undifferentiated cells required by the model as it matures and differentiates. These conflicting requirements are poorly addressed by conventional media, which have been developed based solely on the need for isolation efficiency and proliferation. This new 3D medium is uniquely formulated to address both the proliferation and differentiation requirements of a 3D model.
CELLnTEC’s new 3D Epidermal Keratinocyte medium was optimized for use with CELLnTEC’s human primary keratinocytes, which when combined with Millipore’s Millicell inserts create an excellent experimental system for 3D in vitro skin modeling, representing a new level in cell culture performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.
Millipore has evolved from a high performance filtration products and services company into a leading provider of tools and services and a key partner of choice for Life Science customers. We’ve transformed ourselves through R&D investment, organic growth, and acquisitions such as Chemicon, Upstate, Linco, Celliance, Newport Bio Systems, NovAseptic AB and MicroSafe. The integrated Millipore offers more innovative technologies and stronger application support to streamline processes and provide consistently reliable results. The expert scientists in our Life Sciences business unit understand the complexity of Life Science research and can support our customers in their most difficult challenges in cell biology, stem cells, protein research, and cell signaling.
Source: Millipore (press release)
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