Optical Coatings Market Projected to Reach $7.4 Billion by 2012
Posted: October 23, 2008

Optical Coatings Market Projected to Reach $7.4 Billion by 2012

(Nanowerk News) Thanks to continuous innovations, optical coatings industry is driving new markets and business opportunities with its progressive transformation. The coatings are utilized in various sectors including environmental, chemical, and abrasion resistance; EMI shielding; climate control; biological protection; and high and low temperature operation, in addition to applications in optical fibers and filters. The market is set to experience significant growth buoyed by interest from the nanotechnology, display, and biotechnology sectors. Demand from the electronics and instrumentation sector, where optical coatings are used in flat panel displays, laser optics, computer and television screens, and camera lenses, will propel market expansion. Medical and transportation industries are the other key end-use areas.
United States is the largest market for optical coatings worldwide, worth an estimated US$2.81 billion in 2008 as stated by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Asia is the second largest regional market followed by Europe at third position. The US and Asia together account for about 86% of the global optical coatings market. Transmissive or anti-reflective coatings represent the largest segment with sales estimated at US$3 billion in 2008. Global market for Reflective coatings is projected to reach US$699 million by 2012.
Optical Coatings: A Global Strategic Business Report
Leading players profiled in the study include Abrisa USPG Glass and Coatings, ZC&R Coatings for Optics Inc, AccuCoat Inc., Princeton Instruments, AFE Technology Coatings Ltd, Align Optics Inc., Andover Corporation, Applied Films Corp., Applied Coatings Inc., Barr Associates Inc., Bookham Inc., Brewer Science Inc., CVI Melles Griot, DELTA Light & Optics, Denton Vacuum LLC, DiCon Fiberoptics Inc., Dontech Inc., Dynavac, Edmund Optics Inc., EMF Corporation, Evaporated Coatings Inc., Exotic Electro-Optics Inc., Fosta Tek Optics Inc., Hampton Scientific Inc., Helia Photonics Ltd, Hoya Corporation USA, VLOC Incorporated, Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd., Janos Technology Inc., and JDS Uniphase Corporation, among others.
"Optical Coatings: A Global Strategic Business Report" published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, drivers, product profile, players, competition, end-use applications, coating techniques, research and development, technological breakthroughs, recent developments, mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic industry activities. Analysis is presented for major geographic markets such as United States, Europe, Asia, and rest of world. Analytics for the period 2000 through 2015 are provided in terms of product segments including Transmissive or Anti-Reflective Coatings, Transparent Electrodes, Reflective Coatings, Filters, and Others.
For more details about this research report, please visit http://www.strategyr.com/Optical_Coatings_Market_Report.asp
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Source: Global Industry Analysts (press release)
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