South Korean Manufacturer Launches New Nanosilver Products for Cosmetics and Home Use Markets
Posted: October 26, 2008

South Korean Manufacturer Launches New Nanosilver Products for Cosmetics and Home Use Markets

(Nanowerk News) Seo-Kwang Co.,Ltd, a manufacturer of various well-being products based on its Silver Nano Colloid technology in South Korea, announced today that they will launch their new Nano Silver products in the global market, beginning with the distribution in China, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and Middle East.
Along with this announcement, Seo-Kwang will be exhibiting their products at ‘Korean Products Show 2008’ in InterContinental City Stars Cairo, Egypt from October 29th to 30th, ‘Asia Electronics Exhibition (AEES2008)’ in Shanghai, China from November 12th to 15th, and ‘Korean Products Show 2008’ at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition in Singapore from November 18th to 20th, for their global promotion of the new products to the international buyers.
Silver Nano Colloid Technology from Seo-Kwang uses DC electronic voltage on purified water with pure silver in order to produce nano colloid solution with 99.99% pure nano particles. Based on this technology, Seo-Kwang successfully developed various nano silver products for consumer purposes, including home-use nano colloid solution named Silver Solution Makers, Silver Nano Perfume Ejector, Silver Nano Shower, Silver Nano Active Insole, and Nano Makeup Cosmetics.
Colloidal Silver Maker (Model : SJW500A) uses purified water and one silver bag can be used up to 5 years. According to the research from Korea Environment and Water Works Institute, normal drinking water was found with certain amount of bacteria, lead, fluorine, arsenic, phenol, benzene, ethyl benzene, and copper, while silver water from Silver Solution Makers was found with none, proving the benefits and superior quality of the silver water.
Silver Nano Perfume Ejector (Model : SKC-SE 500II) mixes 99.99% pure Nano Silver particles with lavender or lemon fragrance. It also mixes the water particles with Silver nano ion, which sterilizes and eliminates the air and bad odors. Silver Nano Perfume Ejector can be used in various locations, including anywhere with bad odors, general hospital, postpartum care center, kindergarten, and other nursery schools. It can even be used to eliminate odors from paints and other harmful substances used in new cars and houses.
Silver Nano Shower (Model : SKC-1000T) uses instant voltage to create electrolysis in order to release Silver nano water particles. Based on Silver Nano Shower, Seo-Kwang also developed Silver nano videt, which will be introduced in the near future.
Silver Nano Active Insole features air-circulation, Silver nano purifier, and silicon cushioning based on ergonomic design to provide better feet blood circulation, eliminate feet odor, and reduce sweat.
Nano Makeup Cosmetics including gold nano, platinum nano, pearl nano, and jade nano are produced though Original Design Manufacturing. Platinum nano features improved collagen for much cleaner, lively skin care, while pearl nano provides excellent skin whitening and cleaning to solve various skin troubles and symptoms. It also supports various age groups in order to provide high quality care and benefits to all consumers.
Hyun-Chul Seok, the CEO of Seo-Kwang, said, “Our main focus is the distribution of Silver nano products and Nano Makeup Cosmetics in the global market as well as further research and development of these products with various domestic and international patents.”
About Seo-Kwang Co.,Ltd.
Established in 1995, Seo-Kwang Co.,Ltd. is Korea’s leading manufacturer of environmental-friendly, well-being products based on Nano technology. Seo-Kwang produces a diverse range of environmental equipment and medical treatment devices, while focusing on developing innovative, cutting-edge products through constant R&D activities. For more information, please visit
Source: Seo-Kwang (press release)
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