Posted: October 29, 2008

Finetex Technology to Supply Nano Fiber Membrane to Roki Techno

(Nanowerk News) Finetex Technology Global Limited (“Finetex Technology”), a mass-producer of electrospun nano fibers, has entered into a supply agreement with Roki Techno Co., Ltd (“Roki Techno”), which manufactures and supplies filter cartridge and filter system with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
This supply agreement with the initial term of 3 years includes nano fiber membrane for the liquid filter application resulted from the cooperative development that Finetex Technology and Roki Techno have committed for the past 3 years. Commercial orders could start as early as coming 4th quarter.
Introduction of Finetex Technology’s nano fiber to liquid filtration has made the filter products thinner and lighter. Also, nano fiber membrane specifically ensures higher void rate and results higher flow rate.
Furthermore, the filter products made with nano fiber membrane have shown remarkably sharp distribution of pore size compared to the broad distribution for the existing filter media, which means that the nano fiber membrane can give a great advantage of selective transmission to separate different fluids or ions for the liquid filtration.
Nano fiber membrane can perform separation applications such as purification, concentration, demineralization, desalination, and color removal or manipulation. It enables fine chemicals, food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and other separation industries to provide higher valued products.
In addition to the nano fiber membrane, Finetex Technology provides a tailored membrane in accordance with the customers’ demand for characteristics such as heat resistance or chemical resistance desirable for their application.
About Finetex Technology Global Limited
Finetex Technology has successfully developed a unique electrostatic spinning process to produce nano-scale fibers and structures that can be manufactured on a mass scale. These nano fibers and structures are used in a wide-range of applications such as the automotive, textile, and many other industries. For more information, please visit
About Roki Techno Co., Ltd.
Roki Techno is a leading supplier of filter cartridge and filter system for the application of electronics, fine chemical, chemical, food and beverage, and other general industries. It also provides the products and services of ozone generator and ozone system. For more information, please visit
Source: Finetex Technology (press release)
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