Posted: October 30, 2008

Asylum Research Introduces Industry's First New Small Sample AFM/SPM in Over a Decade

(Nanowerk News) Asylum Research announced that it is introducing the Cypher AFM, the industry’s first completely new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade. Cypher is the world’s highest resolution AFM, providing more capability, more control, and more modularity with unprecedented ease of use. The Cypher AFM achieves closed loop atomic resolution using sensors in all three axes, combining the accuracy and control of closed loop with the power of atomic resolution for the most accurate images and measurements possible today.
Additional capabilities include SpotOn™ automated laser alignment with a mouse-click, interchangeable light source modules that allow laser spot sizes down to 3um for broad application and scan mode flexibility, and support for high-speed AC imaging with cantilevers smaller than 10um. The system includes an integrated enclosure which provides acoustic and vibration isolation, as well as excellent thermal control for image and measurement stability. The Cypher AFM will be introduced at MRS in Boston, December 2-4, and at other events worldwide.
“The new Cypher AFM is the result of years of engineering effort and sets the AFM/SPM bar to a new and much higher level. The entire system was designed from the ground up to provide superior capabilities and to generate the most accurate images and measurements possible. We believe the new Cypher system outclasses anything else on the market today and will help our customers generate new discoveries in the nano-scale materials and biological sciences,” stated Mario Viani PhD, Cypher Product Manager.
Added Asylum President, Roger Proksch, “The AFM/SPM community has been waiting a long time for a next-generation system that goes beyond tweaks and add-ons to old technology. We’ve listened carefully to our customers and believe that the Cypher AFM meets or exceeds their requirements for today and has the modularity and expandability to support their future needs as well. Asylum’s legendary support and applications team will continue to listen so that we can maintain our technology leadership into the future.”
Source: Asylum Research (press release)
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