Posted: October 31, 2008

The Center for Process Innovation (CPI) and Hrein Energy Inc. to Promote Hydrogen Infrastructure Projects in Europe

(Nanowerk News) The Center for Process Innovation (CPI) and Hrein Energy Inc. entered into strategic alliance agreement for the promotion of renewable energy-based hydrogen infrastructure projects in northeast England, UK and Europe.
On 21st of October, 2008, a signing ceremony and a press conference were held by two parties in British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.
The UK government published the “Energy White Paper” in May 2007, which illustrates a long-term vision and undertakings necessary to achieve a low-carbon society while securing stable energy supply. More concretely, her goals are set at reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% by 2010 and 80% by 2050 (both compared with1990’s figures). The UK government is now being proactive in supporting and promoting utilization of renewable energies and installation of microgeneration system.
In accordance with such government’s effort, CPI was established in the North East of England, to be serving as a vehicle for embodiment of hydrogen-based society within the region, development of renewable energy-related technologies and making business partnership.
Hrein Energy Inc. is striving for commercialization of a “wind-derived hydrogen storage system” that stores hydrogen originating in renewable energies (ex. wind, solar, etc.) and being obtained through the process of water electrolysis, as a form of “organic hydride” capable of high density high efficiency hydrogen storage and can be handled as easily as when we do gasoline or kerosene under atmospheric temperature and pressure. The wind-derived hydrogen stored as organic hydride can be shipped and distributed by lorries to points of demand (ex. existing petrol stations), then, a compact “dehydrogenator” installed at each site takes hydrogen out of the organic hydride to refuel FC or/and hydrogen engine at low prices.
The strategic alliance agreement that was entered on this day is expected to accelerate the development of RE-based hydrogen infrastructure in the UK and EU while contributing to improvement of energy self-efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.
The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)
CPI was established as a “Center of Excellence” in North east of England, UK in 2002. Since having merged with Cenamps, another Centre of Excellence specializing in nano technology in April 2008, CPI has been focusing on technological and business development in areas including advanced processes, low-carbon energy, functional materials and printable electronics. Owning facilities such as the Fuel Cells Application Facility, the National Industrial Biotechnology and the Plastic Electronics Centre, CPI promotes innovation of processing industry technologies.
Source: FuelCellWorks (press release)
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