Posted: November 3, 2008

Expanded Agreement with In-Q-Tel Brings New Applications of QD Vision's Nanomaterials to the Intelligence Community

(Nanowerk News) QD Vision, developer of nanotechnology-based solutions for displays and lighting, today announced a second technology advancement agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The agreement expands the range of technology being explored by QD Vision for the community.
QD Vision's Quantum Light™ platform uses quantum-dot technology to precisely tailor light emission in the near-infrared and visible spectrum, enabling the creation of any custom color when stimulated with photons or electrons. Leveraging a breakthrough portfolio of patents and pending applications from QD Vision and from MIT, the Quantum Light™ platform sets new standards for color purity and brightness, power efficiency and design versatility. QD Vision is currently bringing this technology to bear on a range of challenges in commercial markets such as consumer electronics and solid state lighting, as well as defense and security markets.
“QD Vision continues to deliver impressive technology capabilities,” said Ben Levitan, Partner at In-Q-Tel. “QD Vision’s technology offers great promise for cutting-edge nano-material applications for customers in both the government and commercial markets.”
“As our partnership with In-Q-Tel unfolds, it is exciting to see multiple areas where our technology has the potential to meet the unique and demanding requirements of the Intelligence Community,” said Dr. Dan Button, CEO of QD Vision. “Moreover, these developments for In-Q-Tel have considerable synergy with QD Vision’s principal commercial agenda. We look forward to a long and productive working relationship with In-Q-Tel.”
About QD Vision, Inc.
QD Vision ( is a quantum-dot product company that delivers highly differentiated lighting solutions to major industries where color, power and design matter. QD Vision’s Quantum Light™ platform enables step-change advances over other display and lighting solutions such as liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), plasma displays, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and even organic LEDs (OLEDs). QD Vision is actively designing in products with industry-leading companies in target markets including consumer electronics and flat panel displays, electronic signage, clean tech such as solid state lighting, and defense. Leveraging a first-tier patent position in nanotechnology originating at MIT, QD Vision is a privately held company based in Watertown, Mass.
About In-Q-Tel
In-Q-Tel is the strategic, not-for-profit investment firm that works to identify, adapt, and deliver innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Launched by the CIA in 1999 as a private, independent organization, In-Q-Tel’s mission is to identify and partner with companies developing cutting-edge technologies that serve the national security interests of the United States. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint defining the Intelligence Community’s critical technology needs, In-Q-Tel engages with entrepreneurs, growth companies, researchers, and investors to deliver technologies that provide superior capabilities for the CIA and the larger Intelligence Community. In-Q-Tel concentrates on several broad commercial technology areas, including application software and analytics; communications and infrastructure; digital identity and security; embedded systems and power; and bio, chemical, and nanotechnology. To date, In-Q-Tel has engaged with more than 100 companies and delivered more than 140 technology solutions to the Intelligence Community. To learn more about In-Q-Tel, visit
Source: QD Vision (press release)
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