Posted: November 5, 2008

NT-MDT Equips New Russian Nanotechnology Center

(Nanowerk News) In September, the grand opening of the Scientific Educational Center "Nanotechnology" (SEC) in the Taganrog Technical Institute (TTI) of the Southern Federal University (SFU) took place. The collection and level of the scientific equipment in the centre has no analogues in Russia. NT-MDT is very proud to be part of the SEC "Nanotechnology", one of our biggest projects for integrated set up of a scientific nanocenter. Since SEC “Nanotechnology” is equipped with the latest developments of leading international manufacturers NT-MDT is very proud of its considerable contribution.
This underlines the fact that in compliance with the requirements to the highest standards in quality, state-of-the-art capabilities are inherent in our design processes.
Systems delivered within the scope of the project include: scanning probe microscopy (NTEGRA platform), educational SPM devices (NanoEducator platform) and -of course- the nanotechnological facility based on the NanoFab 100 platform, and designed for creation, research and small-scale production of nanoelectronic elements.
NanoFab 100 is a modular platform, which is developed to assemble nanotechnology facilities (NTF) with the cluster arrangement of their modules, including systems that are capable of treating substrates as big as 100 mm using batch and local techniques. The NTF clusters are linked into the technology chain by means of special intermediate modules, which are used both to transport and to store samples. All this makes it possible to assemble “Nano Factories” to fabricate fully functional nano-structures, nano-devices and nano-systems.
The specialists of NT-MDT Co. held a workshop "NanoFab 100 – automatized facilities for implementation and production of nanoelectronics" during the grand opening of SEC. During the workshop, lectures were given on the subject of applied and fundamental capabilities of new technologies for the creation of nanostructures and technological achievements of the latest generation of nanoelectronics production facilities.
The SEC “ Nanotechnology” project of TTI-SFU will boost the level of Russian domestic nanotechnology and offer an opportunity for Russian students and graduates to receive first-grade education.
Source: NT-MDT (press release)
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