Posted: November 9, 2008

Nanotechnology cooperation agreed by Russia and China

(Nanowerk News) As a special demonstration of co-operation from the Chinese side, a state park has been designated for nanotechnologies in the city of Suzhou, which will see developments in joint Russian-Chinese scientific research and experimental design works, production and commercialization of nanotechnology products. The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) will determine which organizations within Russia will participate in the collaboration.
Nanotechnology cooperation agreed by Russia and China
The signing of the agreement took place during the visit to Russia of Wen Tszyabao, Chairman of State Council of China. Anatoly Chubais, Director General of RUSNANO, and Tsao Tszenlin, Deputy Minister for science and technology signed the document.
According to the agreement, each side will implement collaboration in the following areas:
  • the mutual exchange of information on scientific research, production and the potential market for nanotechnologies, the creation of mechanisms to evaluate the prospects for application and the risks of using nanotechnologies, the development and introduction of mechanisms for the commercialization, creation and activity in conducting scientific and technical studies of nanotechnologies and nanoindustry;
  • the development of international collaboration in the sphere of nanotechnologies, conducting joint seminars and conferences with scientists and experts engaged in the transfer of scientific developments;
  • the implementation of applied research in the field of nanotechnologies, aimed at production and commercialization of products manufactured with the application of nanotechnologies;
  • the implementation of collaboration in protecting intellectual property and patenting new developments;
  • the design, building and operation of laboratories and sites intended for creating nanomaterials;
  • the joint realization of complex projects, which assumes comprehensive expert estimation of scientific ideas, the study of technical capabilities and economic expediency of their realization;
  • the production of components and materials using nanotechnologies;
  • the study and development of a package of measures to provide the safe use of nanotechnologies, their affects on the environment and the human organism;
  • joint work on the commercialization of scientific developments in the field of nanotechnologies, the creation of joint venture funds and business structures, aimed at attracting private capital to work in this region;
  • the implementation of collaboration in other areas, to be determined by both sides.
  • Source: Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies
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