Posted: November 10, 2008

Wyncrest Group Announces Plans to Target Acquisitions in Solar Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Wyncrest Group, Inc. today announces plans to target acquisitions in solar nanotechnology. WynGreen, a strategic Green Technology Division, is positioning the company to grow with the promise of solar nanotechnology.
WynGreen is targeting new technologies that convert sunlight into electrical energy using integrated nanotechnology for micro- and thin-film applications. WynGreen believes that by combining these two technologies they can add significant value to their share price by the acquisition of other companies involved in these fields.
WynGreen’s strategy is to acquire or deploy proprietary technologies that will:
  • Harness the solar energy with a small footprint
  • Require low capital cost and low operating cost
  • Become an integral building and construction material
  • Bring value to commercial product applications
  • Have the ability to be rapidly and economically deployed to sites worldwide
  • The integration of the Green Technologies Division as the focus of our investments, gives Wyncrest Group a huge advantage over domestic insurers who are too restricted, have too many commissions, taxes and would be more likely to invest in group funds that are not investing with a commitment to gaining a position to grow in the eminent green energy sector.
    Staying focused on its corporate objective of expansion into lucrative Insurance niche markets, the Wyncrest Group has anchored its new Offshore Services Insurance Division in a lucrative position to grow in these Insurance categories. With the implementation of its Offshore Services Division growth strategy, the Wyncrest Group provides an interface into enormous untapped profits for the company and its investor group serving the Offshore Insurance market.
    Wyncrest Group’s flagship subsidiary, Southwest Financial Group, has served its 18,000 clients in the Heartland of America with 285 reps nation wide for 22 years with revenues near 23 million per year.
    About The Wyncrest Group
    Wyncrest is a growing holding company comprised of subsidiaries within the financial and insurance industry segments. From Life Insurance and Long Term Care to Student and Sports Insurance and Employee Group Benefits, Wyncrest Group’s broad financial product and service offerings provide economic protection and growth opportunities for investors.
    Wyncrest’s growth strategy is to seek businesses that will advance the company's quest to vertically integrate and become a stronger force in its financial communities. Wyncrest will continue to strive towards procuring sales of its various product lines and technical capacity. Wyncrest’s major growth and long-term plan is to increase revenue by acquisition.
    Source: Wyncrest Group (press release)
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