Posted: November 10, 2008

Mattson Technology Receives Next-Generation Development Tool Order for Photoresist System From Leading NAND Flash Supplier

(Nanowerk News) Mattson Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced process equipment used to manufacture semiconductors, today announced that it has received a next- generation development tool order for the Company's Suprema™ photoresist strip system. Mattson Technology noted that the customer represents one of the leading edge technology development sites for NAND flash memory and the system will be used to address the highly complex challenges inherent in 2X- nanometer (nm) device architectures.
Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Mattson Technology's Surface Cleaning Group, Neal Holmlund, said, "We are pleased to have been selected by our long-standing customer to support their development of advanced equipment node technology. The selection of the Mattson Suprema tool for 2X-nm device development follows on the successful progress of 3X-nm device development with this customer."
Holmlund added, "In choosing the Suprema system, the customer cited the extremely high reliability and throughput of the product, coupled with enabling process performance, maturity and extendibility to future technology nodes. The order is indicative of their confidence in the system's technical capabilities. Holmlund concluded, "We believe that the Suprema can be a strong contributor to the success of our customer in their development of advanced node design rules. This selection for the Suprema is evidence that our long-range strategy of enabling superior 'on-wafer' performance successfully delivers the right product for the future of our customers."
About Mattson Technology, Inc.
Mattson Technology, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductor wafer processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. The Company is a leading supplier of dry strip and rapid thermal processing equipment to the global semiconductor industry. Its strip and RTP equipment utilize innovative technology to deliver advanced processing performance and productivity gains to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide for the fabrication of current- and next-generation devices. Mattson is expanding into the etch market with innovative products targeting high volume dielectric etch applications, and is also expanding into the millisecond annealing and thermal oxidation markets.
Source: Mattson Technology (press release)
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