Posted: November 14, 2008

Russian Nanotechnology Executive Addresses Japanese Business Club

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANO Deputy Director General Alexander Losyukov gave a speech at a session of the Japanese Business Club, which took place at the Japanese embassy in Moscow. During his address, Alexander Losyukov spoke about the potential and prospects for the development of nanotechnologies in Russia and the role of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies in developing innovation business.
Prior to the session, Alexander Losyukov met with Japanese ambassador in Russia Yasuo Saito to discuss the possibility of organizing a visit to Japan in the first half of 2009 by an official RUSNANO delegation headed by the Corporationís director general.
RUSNANO Deputy Director General Alexander Losyukov
RUSNANO Deputy Director General Alexander Losyukov
"Thanks to our countryís significant scientific and technical potential, Russian scientists have succeeded in a number of fields. However, and this does not only concern Russia, breakthrough in the sphere of nano-technologies is impossible without the cooperation of other leading industrial nations. We have already started active collaboration with the USA, Israel, China, South Korea, Germany, Great Britain and other countries leading the way in nanotechnology, and we would like to establish a joint operation in this region with Japan as well," noted Alexander Losyukov.
At the conclusion of his address, the RUSNANO Deputy Director General invited the participants of the Japanese Business club meeting to the Nanotechnology International Forum which is to take place in Moscow between December 3rd and 5th.
The Japanese Business Club incorporates 176 companies that conduct business in Russia, including Hitachi, Itochu, Mitsubishi, Sony and Toyota. Sessions of the Business Club take place regularly in Moscow or in the large regional centers of Russia. High-ranking government representatives and leaders of major Russian companies are often invited to club sessions.
Source: Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies
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