Posted: November 17, 2008

Tipless All-In-One AFM Probes Introduced by BudgetSensors

(Nanowerk News) BudgetSensors®, a Bulgarian manufacturer of silicon and silicon nitride probes, as well as AFM accessories for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), announces the commercial introduction of the “Tipless All-In-One AFM Probe” - a tipless version of the recently introduced versatile silicon AFM probe with 4 different cantilevers on a single holder chip.
Tipless All-In-One AFM probes (Order Code: AIO-TL and AIOAl-TL) are produced in a similar way to regular BudgetSensors All-In-One AFM probes, with the difference that they don’t feature a tip on each cantilever. Just like regular BudgetSensors All-In-One AFM probes, Tipless All-In-One AFM probes have four different cantilevers for Tapping Mode, Soft Tapping Mode, Force Modulation and Contact Mode on one and the same holder chip. The probes are made of monolithic silicon and offer excellent uniformity and reliable performance.
This new BudgetSensors AFM probe not only offers a tipless alternative to AFM probe customers, but with it’s four different cantilevers gives AFM users the flexibility to choose in the very last moment the right cantilever for each application!
Tipless All-In-One AFM Probes are offered without any coatings (Order Code: AIO-TL) and with an aluminium reflex coating on the back side of the cantilever (Order Code: AIOAl-TL).
For detailed product specifications, please visit
More new products, which are under development in BudgetSensors’ R&D centre, will be released soon.
About BudgetSensors® and Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.
BudgetSensors® is a trade mark of Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. Established in 2001 and located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. offers a variety of products and services within its three divisions AFM Probes, Print & Design and Web & Programming.
The AFM Probe division manufactures and sells probes and accessories for Atomic Force Microscopes under the trade name of BudgetSensors® used by the most advanced R&D institutions worldwide. The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is one of the most important instruments for the Nanotechnology industry and research.
Source: BudgetSensors (press release)
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