Posted: November 19, 2008

Canadian Venture Capital Firm to Enter US Bio- and Nanotechnology Markets

(Nanowerk News) Sunshine Bio Investments World, a privately held Canadian company (, has established U.S. headquarters in Miami and initiated venture funding for a variety of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies active in the multi-billion dollar North American biotech environment.
Miami operations are located at 5600 Collins Avenue, Suite 17C, Miami, Florida, 33140. Telephone is 305-433-2121.
According to Michael Di Turi, Sunshine Bio Investments World President and CEO, "Most investment banks in the North American markets do not closely follow small and mid-cap biotech and biodefense sectors. At the same time, many analysts are not adequately qualified to fairly and thoroughly evaluate the potential of these companies.
"Pharmagenomics, nanomedicine and regenerative medicine will predict, prevent and cure life-threatening viruses and diseases," continued Mr. Di Turi. "Sunshine Bio Investments World partners are at the forefront of 21st century technologies. We are seeking partners and alliances to develop, market and distribute products and solutions to improve the health, safety and security of individuals worldwide," he said.
Sunshine Bio Investments World Companies Are Already Making Breakthroughs, Contributing to Respective Industries
Mr. Di Turi added, "Companies we are presently funding are located across Canada, California and Florida, contributing to industry knowledge, and making significant scientific breakthroughs. Areas of expertise include commercialization of drug-based therapies to treat central nervous system diseases, programs to repair neurological function lost due to disease or injury, single-walled carbon nanotubes, nanomaterials and other advanced materials for high value-added applications; and clinically proven procedures available for the cryogenic storage of umbilical cord blood (UCB)."
Source: Sunshine Bio Investments World (press release)
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