Posted: November 25, 2008

University of Toronto Acquires Multifunctional E-Beam System From Vistec

(Nanowerk News) Vistec Lithography Inc. announced that one of its Vistec EBPG5000plus was accepted by the University of Toronto (UofT). The Gaussian Beam Lithography System will offer a wide range of application areas for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the Emerging Communications Technology Institute at the Canadian University (ECTI).
The new EBPG5000plus system has been installed in the Wallberg Building at St. George Campus, in downtown Toronto. Vistec’s EBPG5000plus excels through its flexibility and excellent lithography performance – a perfect fit for the variety of applications required by the University.
Vistec EBPG5000plus
“This facility is the first one of its kind in the province of Ontario and Western Canada. The possibilities to grow out of this initiative dedicated to the field of nanoscale science and engineering are almost limitless. This unique facility could be the convergence point for researchers from a number of science and engineering disciplines – demonstrating the versatility of the EBPG5000plus technology and also the multidisciplinary nature of nanotechnology research. UofT now has the technological capability to explore new design and fabrication possibilities on the nanoscale for the next-generation devices – driven by high pattern resolution and placement accuracy” says Dr. Aju Jugessur, Nanolithography Facility Manager / Senior Researcher who is leading and developing this new facility at the University of Toronto.
Applications that will benefit from the flexibility of the EBPG5000plus include: meta-materials and photonic crystals, integrated optical devices, nanophotonic devices, lab-on-chip devices, biosensors for medical applications and nano-patterning for surface functionalization for fpr protein & DNA related biological work. One immediate application plan will be academic mask making, which will allow the University to write masks for internal use according to requirements. ECTI also plans to offer its Electron Beam Lithography services to industrial users.
“The bandwidth of possible uses puts this Gaussian Beam Lithography System on top of the competition”, states Erwin Mueller, Vistec’s Manager of Service & Technical Support. Vistec’s EBPG series is also a global leader for advanced nanolithography applications, particularly in direct writing of premium GaAs communication devices. The extraordinary flexibility of the EBPG5000plus to support a wide range of different applications makes it the ideal system for the manifold needs of the University of Toronto.
Source: Vistec (press release)
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