Posted: November 27, 2008

Axio CSM 700 Confocal Microscope Offers Rapid, High Resolution 3D Surface Analysis

(Nanowerk News) Rapid, High Resolution 3D Surface Analysis Axio CSM 700 confocal microscope from Carl Zeiss offers outstanding price/performance for materials scientists.
The Axio CSM 700 confocal microscope from Carl Zeiss meets users’ demands for rapid and robust non-contact measurement of 3D microstructures and determination of surface roughness. Ideal for materials research, quality inspection and routine applications, the Axio CSM 700 displays surfaces three-dimensionally in high resolution and in true colour even on relatively "soft" surfaces.
3D topography of a roller bearing sphere for wear assessment
3D topography of a roller bearing sphere for wear assessment. Length unit of the axes: µm.
The high-quality ZEISS optics allow topographical measurements to be performed at up to 117 frames per second. Step heights from approx. 20 nm up to the millimetre range are detected at a depth of focus previously only possible with the scanning electron microscope. These attributes will be useful in the examination of many materials, including LCD panels, semiconductors, colour filters, glass, polymers and metals.
Despite the new microscope’s outstanding functionality, it is easy to operate, with all the major functions and measurement parameters controlled through the large, LCD control panel. This comprehensive control is complemented by the intuitive control software, which provides many analysis options, including the measurement of roughness, evaluation of layer thickness and particle analysis.
About Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss is an innovative technology leader in the fields of optics, precision engineering and electronic visualisation, setting new, pioneering standards in sophisticated technology for recognising, experiencing, measuring, analysing, structuring and processing a wide spectrum of objects. For further information, contact Carl Zeiss Ltd., PO Box 78, Woodfield Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1LU, UK or email [email protected]
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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