Posted: December 3, 2008

Nanosys License Facilitates Development of DNA-activated Carbon Nanotube Transistor Sensors

(Nanowerk News) Evolved Machines, Inc. and Nanosys Inc. today announced that Evolved Machines has entered into a sublicense agreement with Nanosys for a portfolio of patents and patent applications related to the use of nanotubes and nanowires for artificial olfaction and chemical sensing.
The core intellectual property involves a wide range of applications in nanotechnology, nanomaterials and the use of nanotube and nanowire-based field effect transistors (FET's) as biosensors. Nanosys owns an extensive portfolio of IP around multiple aspects of nanotechnology including basic nanowire compositions, nanowire synthesis and the use of nanowires and other nanostructures for many applications.
Under terms of the agreement, Evolved Machines has secured or has obtained options to secure a variety of exclusive, worldwide rights among which are the use of DNA-functionalized nanowire or nanotube-based sensor arrays for the detection and/or identification of an analyte or analytes in the gas and/or liquid phase.
Evolved Machines, in partnership with its affiliate iSense, LLC, is developing nanotube-based field effect transistors (FETS) functionalized by DNA as highly sensitive sensors across a very wide range of targets. "The DNA sequence-dependent nature of binding affinity for these devices enables highly diverse analyte discrimination, while the nanotube transistor imparts great sensitivity. Further, this class of sensor is completely reversible across a wide range of analytes, allowing repeated use and enabling the first devices capable of remote autonomous multi-analyte sensing," according to Dr. Paul A. Rhodes, Evolved Machines CEO.
Working in partnership with its affiliate, iSense, Evolved Machines is developing a wide range of immediate high-value applications ranging from airport, port and transit screening, to first responder domestic and military hand-held sets, to medical diagnosis, to autonomous 24/7 monitoring of the water supply and of containers on-board ship.
About Evolved Machines, Inc.
Evolved Machines, Inc. develops technology for sensory systems based on highly neural sensory signal processing, reverse-engineering circuitry in the brain to enable a new class of self-wiring devices that perform in the complexities of real-world environments, for both artificial olfaction and visual object recognition.
Additional information on Evolved Machines can be found at
About Nanosys, Inc.
Nanosys, Inc. is a leader in the development of nanotechnology enabled products utilizing high performance inorganic nanostructures. Nanosys has built one of the broadest technology platforms in the industry with over 600 patents and patent applications covering fundamental areas of nanotechnology. Based in Palo Alto, California and privately held, Nanosys collaborates with industry leaders to develop revolutionary high-value, high-performance products for life sciences, computing, optoelectronics, renewable energy, and defense. Additional information on Nanosys can be found at
About iSense, LLC
iSense, LLC manufactures broad spectrum chemical sensing devices enabling rapid identification across thousands of analytes. These devices incorporate Evolved Machines' intelligent neural pattern recognitions algorithms to enable performance under real-world conditions. Additional information on iSense can be found at
Source: Evolved Machines (press release)
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