Posted: December 4, 2008

American Elements Establishes Green Technology and Alternative Energy R+D Support Department

(Nanowerk News) American Elements announced it has established a department exclusively to support customer initiatives in the areas of Green Technology & Alternative Energy. A new webpage devoted to understanding the advanced materials essential to Green Technology can now be found at: . Topics include solar power, fuel cells, recyclable materials and sustainable growth.
Unlike technological waves in recent decades, Green Technology is almost entirely materials science based. Ventures such as Google and Facebook did not rely on advances in materials science for their success. But solar energy panels and pollution-free recyclable automobiles do.
As a result of the substantial number of customer projects American Elements is currently supporting with technical data, proprietary material production and product commercialization consulting, it has elected to establish a department devoted exclusively to research support functions. The new department will assist customers to understand the state of the art with respect to green and alternative energy materials under investigation.
The goal of the department is to advance American Elements' pledge to prevent customers from investigating known technological dead ends or "re-inventing the wheel" -- dedicating R&D funds to previously investigated areas.
For further technical and pricing information on American Elements' green initiative, please contact your local American Elements distributor or American Elements U.S. corporate headquarters at (1)310-208-0551, FAX (1)310-208-0351. American Elements is America's leading manufacturer and supplier of engineered and advanced material products with distribution offices in Europe, Asia and South America.
Source: American Elements (press release)
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