Posted: December 4, 2008

MultiProbe Launches New Chinese Language Website

(Nanowerk News) MultiProbe™, Inc, announces the development and launch of a Chinese language version of their website as part of their expanding service to distributors, customers, and manufacturers throughout Asia.
The new website provides detailed information regarding MultiProbes Atomic Force Prober (AFP) as well as Asia-specific customer support and contact information.
We respect our relationships within our Asian market, Says Andy Erickson, Founder and President of MultiProbe, and feel that offering websites in Asian languages is a logical step in affirming our commitment to our customers and business partners in this region.
MultiProbe manufactures a multi-head, automated atomic force prober (AFP) for semiconductor failure analysis, that combines multi-scan fault isolation imaging with nanoprobing electrical capabilities for technology node measurements of 32nm, 45nm, 65nm, 90nm or larger.
To offer comments or suggestions, please contact Susie Mauceri, [email protected]
Source: MultiProbe (press release)
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