Posted: December 11, 2008

Nanotechnology Shield Lens Protection System Wins OLA 2008 Award

(Nanowerk News) The Shield Lens Protection System distributed by Hilco Eyewear that won an Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) 2008 Award of Excellence, was developed by Aculon, Inc.
Aculon, Inc., is a leading developer of nanotechnology solutions using its proprietary molecular-scale surface and interfacial technologies. Aculon created an eyewear treatment application for Hilco so that consumers could apply an easily cleaned anti-smudge coating to protect their lenses and enjoy greater acuity.
A key indicator of smudge-resistance and easy in cleansing on a lens surface is Water Contact Angle (WCA). WCAs at above 90° correspond to surfaces that will be the easiest to clean and the most repellant to fingerprints, grease, water, dust, and dirt.
Water Contact Angle (WCA) 
Key Indicator of Anti-Smudge/Easy-Clean
Water Contact Angle (WCA) – Key Indicator of Anti-Smudge/Easy-Clean
“As an early stage emerging nanotechnology company , it is terrific to have our technology validated and win an award of excellence”. Said Edward Hughes, CEO of Aculon, Inc. “We work very hard to make our business partners successful, and we congratulate Hilco on receiving such a terrific award,”
OLA Awards of Excellence were presented at that organization’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Hilco’s Shield Lens Protection System took home top honors in the Accessory Products category.
Aculon's nano-scale treatments enable unique performance, process simplification and excellent value across a broad range of metal, plastic and glass surfaces and interfaces.  Whether it be non-stick hydrophobic/oleophobic or adhesion-promoting functionality, Aculon nanotechnology offers manufacturers and consumers new opportunities beyond traditional surface coatings. Aculon has commercial applications and development programs in several fields, including optical, packaging, stainless steel appliances, and electronics. About Aculon
Founded in 2004, Aculon specializes in inventing and commercializing unique molecular-scale surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology discoveries made at Princeton University.  The Company's breakthrough technology outperforms all known alternatives in characteristics such as adhesion, stain resistance, and scratch resistance. 
Key benefits of Aculon technology include:
  • Strength - Up to ten times the bond density with all surface oxygen.  Strong covalent and metal complex bonds.
  • Durability - Excellent high temperature performance and outstanding hydrolytic stability versus organo-functional silanes.
  • Versatility - Can tailor synthesize SAMs to modify surfaces or boost interfacial adhesion.  Suitable for multiple substrates across both OEM and consumer applications.
  • Value - Molecular scale modification can transform surfaces and interfaces to provide unique performance, simpler processes, and favorable economics.
  • Aculon's team brings together seasoned executives from the specialty chemicals industry, professional investors experienced in early-stage technology companies, key scientists from Princeton University, and proven business development professionals.
    Source: Aculon (press release)
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