Posted: December 16, 2008

Selah Technologies Establishes Advisory Board

(Nanowerk News) Selah Technologies announced today that the company has appointed five members to its Advisory Board to help steward the company through its continued growth. The newly appointed Advisory Board members are Bob Strazzella, Buddy Thompson, Hayne Hipp, Jim Self and David Cornelius.
“While the need to seek wise counsel has always been important for a growth mode business, Selah is especially fortunate in the current market to have these folks willing to take time to serve” said Michael Bolick, President and CEO of Selah. “Positioning the Board to have the right balance of business, finance and industry insights coupled with proven experience led to the appointment of these outstanding individuals,” continued Bolick.
Selah Technologies obtained a worldwide exclusive license in 2006 from Clemson University to develop and commercialize two nanotechnologies, branded Selah Dots™ and Selah Tubes™. Selah Dots™ are patent-pending brightly luminescent carbon based nanoparticles for use primarily as imaging agents for the biomedical industry with supplementary applications including solar cells and anti-counterfeiting, among others. Selah Tubes™, enriched carbon nanotubes protected under US Patent No. 7,374,685, have a number of applications due to their impressive electrical and thermal conductivity properties.
About Bob Strazzella
Bob has made a career advancing corporate business strategies based on achieving aggressive performance targets through internal and external growth initiatives. He has held positions of increasing domestic and international responsibility spanning a 32 year career with E.I. DuPont de Nemours. His most recent position was Group Vice President at Valeo, a global automotive components manufacturer.
About Buddy Thompson
After graduating from Clemson with a BS in Chemical Engineering, Buddy spent six years working for Exxon. He then changed paths and earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. After a several year residency in ophthalmology, he established a private practice, Easley Eye Associates, in 1981. He remains a practicing Ophthalmologist, yet he also went on to become an organizing founding director of Peoples National Bank, and became involved in residential community development.
About Hayne Hipp
Hayne is former CEO of The Liberty Corporation, an owner of insurance companies and television stations with additional investments in media, real estate and technology ventures. He joined Liberty in Investments in 1969, becoming Chief Executive in 1979. He is now a private investor. Hayne is a former trustee of Washington & Lee University, his alma mater and has an MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has served on numerous corporate boards and has been active in civic and non-profit organizations in South Carolina and on a national level. In 2003 he founded Liberty Fellowship bringing together South Carolina’s young leaders with a diversity of perspectives and wide-range of thought. Representing all segments of our state, they are working collaboratively to make South Carolina a better place for South Carolinians.
About Jim Self
Jim is currently responsible for the identification and leadership of international growth and business development initiatives for Merck’s Vaccines & Infectious Disease Division. Prior to joining the MVID, Jim spent over ten years in Merck’s Corporate Development and Manufacturing Business Development groups completing transactions around the world. Jim was the Executive Director of Business Operations for the Asia Pacific Human Health Division and General Manager of Merck’s Japan Licensee business. Jim earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
About David Cornelius
Dave has global experience including several years in Asia in commercial and business management. His most recent focus has been leading corporate wide efforts creating new growth platforms including leading a Business and Technology Incubator, New Ventures teams, and Venture Capital Investments at Dow Corning Corporation. He has experience as the CEO and Managing Director of a publically traded Australian based company. He currently leads the Growth and Innovation Group (GIG), a consultancy focused on helping organizations discover, shape and launch new growth platforms. Dave’s education includes a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve, an MBA from Central Michigan University and he attended the Program for Management Development at the Harvard Business School.
About Selah Technologies
Located near Greenville, SC, Selah Technologies, LLC is a privately held advanced materials innovator and manufacturer founded in 2006. Today, Selah Technologies is “materials focused and application driven” with a mission to consistently deliver high quality nanomaterials and application-specific nano-enabled products to the global marketplace. For more information, visit
Source: Selah Technologies (press release)
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