Posted: December 17, 2008

3D Biosensor Platform by Silicon Kinetics Receives Most Innovative Product Award from CONNECT

(Nanowerk News) SKi Pro™ 3D biomolecular interaction analysis platform by Silicon Kinetics Inc., a privately-held life sciences tool company, has been recognized as the Most Innovative Product in the "Diagnostics and Research Tools" category in the 21st Annual Most Innovative New Product (MIP) Awards by CONNECT, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining the growth of innovative technology and life science businesses in San Diego.
Silicon Kinetics SKi Pro is the world's first 3D label-free platform for biomolecular interaction analysis in proteomics research, biomarker and drug discovery, vaccine development as well as quality control in drug manufacturing. With SKi Pro, a precision optical reader for a unique 3D nano-porous silicon biosensor surface, Silicon Kinetics has introduced the most sensitive and the most flexible, low- or high-throughput analytical platform for studying interactions such as protein-protein, DNA-protein, protein-small molecule.
CONNECT's MIP program subjects the nominees to a rigorous selection process, including review by a committee of industry experts, and a panel of judges made up of San Diego's business, civic and academic leaders. Past winners in the Life Sciences sector included Invitrogen, Biosite, Gen-Probe, Pfizer, Amylin and IDEC Pharmaceuticals. The criteria include commercial sales of the Most Innovative Product.
"Recognition of SKi Pro 3D biomolecular interaction platform as the Most Innovative Product by CONNECT is a tribute to our scientists and engineers," said Hus Tigli, President & CEO of Silicon Kinetics. "The innovations in SKi Pro provide unprecedented benefits to researchers in pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as research and academic institutions. These benefits include sensitivity, ease of use, and screen-then-characterize versatility on the same cost-effective instrument platform."
About Silicon Kinetics
Silicon Kinetics, Inc. is a privately-held life sciences tools company headquartered in San Diego, California. The Company specializes in instruments for optical interferometry in nano-porous silicon biochips. The SKi Pro™ instrument platform and the 3D SKi Sensor™ biochips are used to detect protein-protein, protein-drug, or protein-DNA interactions in real-time and quantify binding kinetics, dissociation rates, or biomolecular affinity rankings, required for the study of disease pathways and the development and manufacturing of therapeutics. More information can be found at
Source: Silicon Kinetics (press release)
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