Posted: December 22, 2008

Revolutionary MEMS System for in situ Electron Microscope Thermal Studies

(Nanowerk News) The Aduro™ HT system for in situ electron microscopy is now available from Electron Microscopy Sciences, a leading supplier of accessories and supplies for electron microscopy. Developed by Protochips Inc., the Aduro™ system provides extremely accurate and well-controlled sample heating with virtually no thermal drift. The breakthrough system overcomes issues of thermal drift and slow responses in conventional heating stages and TEM holders.
Traditional electron microscope heating stages use large heating supplies elements millimeters away from the specimen. The Aduro™ heating system replaces standard furnaces with an ultra-thin, conductive ceramic membrane that simultaneously supports and heats the sample. The low thermal mass of the ceramic membrane also allows for extremely fast response times, up to 1,000,000C per second to temperatures up to 1200C.
Aduro heating system
The Aduro heating system
With excellent stability and true reaction-rate heating, the software controlled Aduro™ heating system enables novel, in situ experiments on any electron microscope including sintering, rapid thermal cycling and lifetime testing, grain growth, phase changes, surface reactions and quenching - all at the high resolution possible.
About Electron Microscopy Sciences
Electron Microscopy Sciences is the most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals, and equipment. We are committed to providing the highest quality products along with competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and outstanding customer service.
Source: Electron Microscopy Sciences (press release)
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