Posted: December 22, 2008

Nanosurf Announces its Latest Atomic Force Microscope Line, the FlexAFM

(Nanowerk News) Following its debut at the 2008 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston (December 1-5) and its second exposure to the public during the 2008 ASCB Annual Meeting in San Francisco (December 13-17), Nanosurf officially announced the release of its latest atomic force microscope (AFM), the easyScan 2 FlexAFM.
With its electromagnetically actuated, flexure-based XY-scanner technology combined with a piezo-based Z-scanner, the FlexAFM offers highly linear, ultra-flat, and fast scanning performance, while at the same time providing Lateral Force and liquid measuring capabilities to its users. The unique technologies incorporated into the FlexAFM will form the basis of other AFM scan heads to emerge in the future, and will allow Nanosurf to greatly extend the range and capabilities of their AFM scanners.
Nanosurf easyScan 2 Flex AFM
The Nanosurf easyScan 2 Flex AFM
At the MRS and ASCB, potential customers, interested visitors, and competitors alike gathered around Nanosurf’s booths to catch a glimpse of the new FlexAFM scan head, and to see it in action during live demos at both events. Everyone was impressed by its features — particularly by the flat, linear, and fast performance of the new flexure-based scanner technology — and by the way the new microscope is able to make measurements of samples submerged in liquid seem as trivial as measuring them in air.
“There really is no difference to the user”, says Ola Modinger, Nanosurf’s Head of Sales & Marketing, who was proud to be present during the product launch at these two major US events. “It was impressive to see the massive interest in our new AFM, and to see how well people responded to the AFM’s performance and to our wellimplemented handling of samples in liquid”. It is this “ease of use” — a feature common to all of Nanosurf’s products — in combination with the new liquid and Lateral Force measuring mode capabilities of the FlexAFM scan head that will open up whole new markets in Materials and Life Science for Nanosurf’s easyScan 2 product line.
About Nanosurf
Nanosurf’s main focus is on the research and development of scanning probe microscopes (AFM and STM) and their accessories, with a particular emphasis on making them accessible to a broad user base by paying special attention to their ease of use, affordability, and reliability. Nanosurf’s engineering capabilities and technical know-how have led the Swiss company to be included in NASA’s Phoenix Mars mission with the first AFM to record images on another planet. The results of this mission were ranked second in Time Magazine's top 10 scientific discoveries of 2008. The same innovative spirit has earned Nanosurf several awards and the loyalty of well over a thousand customers worldwide. Today, Nanosurf is the market leader in scanning probe microscopes for teaching use, and is continuously expanding its market share in research and industry.
Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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