Posted: December 22, 2008

Millipore Corporation and Guava Technologies to Award Instrumentation to Advance Cell Biology Research

(Nanowerk News) Millipore Corporation and Guava Technologies announced they will jointly award a Guava® flow cytometer instrument valued at over $100,000 USD to a scientist whose innovative research proposal will advance the understanding of cell biology.
The award was announced during the American Society of Cell Biology meeting in San Francisco, California by Geoffrey Crouse, Vice President, Millipore Life Science and Lawrence Bruder, CEO, Guava Technologies.
“This award will enable research into such critical areas of cell biology as stem cell differentiation, cell signaling, mechanism of action of a particular therapeutic agent, and insight into the molecular basis of a specific pathology,” said Crouse.
Applications can be accessed from both the Millipore and Guava Technologies web sites from January 1 until April 30, 2009 ( and The applications will be reviewed by a joint panel of scientists from both companies. After reviewing the applications, the scientific panel will select five finalists. Each of the finalists will be contacted for an in-depth discussion of their proposal. The instrument will be awarded in May, 2009 to one of the finalists. The award is open to all research labs worldwide.
“This is a partnership—not just between Millipore and Guava Technologies, but between our two companies and the research community,” said Bruder. “Millipore’s expertise in fluorescent antibody kit development and assay validation combined with Guava Technology’s expertise in flow cytometry instrumentation and software is enabling more researchers than ever before to access this powerful technology.”
Earlier this year, Millipore and Guava Technologies entered into a long-term partnership to deliver optimized benchtop flow cytometry products and services to the academic, government, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical markets.
Since the partnership was announced, the companies have successfully launched 17 kits for stem cell characterization and chemokine receptor quantification and are jointly developing a next generation flow cytometry instrument.
About Millipore
Millipore is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As a strategic partner, we collaborate with customers to confront the world’s challenging human health issues. From research to development to production, our scientific expertise and innovative solutions help customers tackle their most complex problems and achieve their goals. Millipore Corporation is an S&P 500 company with 6,000 employees in 47 countries worldwide. For more information, please contact Millipore Tech Service at 1-800-548-7853 or 951-676-8080 or visit
About Guava Technologies
Guava Technologies, Inc. is a private biotechnology and medical device company that designs and manufactures easy-to-use, on-demand, benchtop cell analysis systems. The company has ISO13485 certification for design and manufacture of medical devices. All Guava Flow Cytometers are compatible with an ever-increasing array of turnkey assays that include optimized reagents and assay-specific software to address applications such as cell counting/viability, antibody quantification, cell cycle and proliferation, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, and more. By delivering total cell analysis solutions that minimize time from hypothesis to conclusion, Guava Technologies helps scientists understand life one cell at a time. The company’s user base continues to grow steadily as customers recognize the value of this approach.
Source: Millipore (press release)
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