Posted: January 6, 2009

Microfluidics and HORIBA Instruments Formalize Their Partnership

(Nanowerk News) Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microfluidics International Corporation and HORIBA Instruments, Inc. have announced that their long standing partnership has been formalized. Previously, the two companies have shared marketing efforts, such as seminars and joint customer presentations. From this point forward, these efforts also will include shared exhibit booths at trade shows and exhibitions, and joint advertising and lead generation.
The two companies will also join forces in their research and development. This will include development of new products as well as enhancements for existing products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical, coatings and lubricant industries. Not only will the companies collaborate on technical expertise, but they also will share laboratory facilities, office space and other tangible resources.
“The relationship between Microfluidics and HORIBA has always been mutually advantageous, but our customers will be the true beneficiaries of this new partnership,” said Dr. Michael C. Pohl, HORIBA’s Vice President of Scientific Instruments. “They will receive the combined expertise of both companies through a single contact and we are excited about the synergy these efforts will generate.”
This new partnership is a natural development given the complimentary nature of the companies’ operations. Microfluidics is a producer and distributor of proprietary high pressure and high performance materials processing equipment that reduces particle size through deagglomeration, dispersion and processing of micro-emulsions. HORIBA is a world leader in producing and distributing proprietary particle size measurement and analysis equipment. Many laboratories of their joint customers already have a Microfluidizer® processor sitting next to a HORIBA particle size analyzer, but as a result of this partnership that equipment is now standard in all HORIBA and Microfluidics laboratories as well.
“HORIBA and Microfluidics have jointly served many customers over the years,” noted William Kober, Microfluidics’ Vice President of Sales for the Americas. “This formalized and broader partnership enables the two companies to more fully meet our customers’ needs and by doing so accelerate our own companies’ growth.”
For more information, contact Dr. Michael C. Pohl, Vice President, Scientific Marketing, HORIBA Instruments, Inc., 17671 Armstrong Avenue, Irvine CA 92614, 800.446.7422 or 949.250.4811, [email protected], or William Kober, Vice President of Sales for the Americas, Microfluidics, 30 Ossipee Road, Newton, MA 02464, 800.370.5452 or 617.969.5452, [email protected]
Source: Horiba/Microfluidics (press release)
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