Posted: January 6, 2009

McPherson, Inc. releases Soft-X ray, EUV Spectrometer

(Nanowerk News) The McPherson 251MX spectrometer enables simultaneous spectral detection over a wide range, reduces calibration errors, and increases the amount of data collected in a given amount of time. The 251MX features are ideal for many applications: soft x-ray plasma diagnostics, analysis of high order harmonic generated coherent EUV lasers, characterization of extreme ultraviolet sources for high resolution imaging, fabrication or advanced semiconductor lithography processes.
McPherson 251MX x-ray and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) spectrometer
McPherson, Inc. has released an x-ray and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) spectrometer, the 251MX, for wavelength dispersive spectral measurements from 0.6 to 20nm (60 to 2000eV). The 251MX provides corrected, flat field spectra with its selection of specially designed diffraction gratings. Data is acquired quickly and easily with direct-detection charge coupled detectors (CCDs.) The clean stainless steel chamber and vacuum-prepared internal components allow efficient pumping for high vacuum or ultra high vacuum (UHV) applications. The 251MXs small footprint simplifies integration to experiment systems. The two available gratings, for 0.6 to 6nm and 5 to 20nm have square groove profiles; the laminar design helps to reduce effects of high diffracted orders. The corrected grating designs deliver high resolution spectra.
The McPherson 251MX advances laboratory soft x-ray and EUV spectral characterization. It enables simultaneous spectral detection over a wide range. The dedicated optical geometry reduces chances for calibration errors, and increases the amount of data collected in a given amount of time.
Your 251MX is a stand-alone spectrograph. It is vacuum leak tested and certified and provided with measured optical performance data in the wavelength region of interest. Discuss your application or intended use with us, and receive a turnkey integrated system, with pumps and detector.
McPherson, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA USA) manufactures instruments and systems for spectroscopy that measure and tune specific wavelengths of light. McPherson instruments are available for quality control, teaching, physics and astronomy applications at many wavelengths; soft x-ray, vacuum UV, ultraviolet, visible and infrared (up to and including MWIR and LWIR).
Source: McPherson (press release)
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