Posted: January 7, 2009

Industrial Nanotech Expands Manufacturing Base With New Location in Germany

(Nanowerk News) Industrial Nanotech, Inc. today announced that the Company is continuing its expansion of manufacturing locations for their patented energy saving Nansulate® coatings and will begin producing the products in Germany in the first quarter of 2009. This brings the total number of manufacturing locations for their nanotechnology-based products to five: two in New Jersey, USA, one in Colorado, USA, one in South Africa, and the newest location in Germany.
“Our launch of manufacturing in Germany, a European Union member, will allow us to expand our current capabilities and create a structure to manufacture and provide our patented energy saving products at a lower landed cost in regions where we are seeing the highest growth rates and potential,” stated Stuart Burchill, CEO/CTO of Industrial Nanotech, Inc. "We have seen a marked increase in demand for energy saving products both in the US and in Europe, and the growth that we’ve already experienced in this region made this a logical decision. Our overall goal is to bring affordable energy saving technology to as many markets as possible and we anticipate that this move will significantly accelerate our rate of growth in Europe and neighboring markets in 2009.”
About Nansulate®
Nansulate® is the Company's patented product line of specialty coatings containing a nanotechnology based material and which are well-documented to provide the combined performance qualities of thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, resistance to mold growth, fire resistance, chemical resistance, and lead encapsulation in an environmentally safe, water-based, coating formulation. The Nansulate® Product Line includes both industrial and residential coatings. Additional information about the Company and its products can be found at their websites, ( and (
Source: Industrial Nanotech (press release)
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