Posted: January 13, 2009

HRL Laboratories Becomes Charter Member of the Semiconductor Industry Association

(Nanowerk News) HRL Laboratories, LLC, announced today it has become a charter member of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the premier association representing the U.S. semiconductor industry.
Founded in 1977, SIA unites more than 70 companies that account for nearly 90% of semiconductor production in the U.S., according to the associationís web site ( Twenty-nine companies currently work with the association as charter members.
The SIA provides domestic semiconductor companies a forum and voice to advance the global competitiveness of the $118 billion U.S. microchip industry. Charter members join the association based on their profits and size, and charter membership is the highest in the association. Charter members participate on committees focusing on public policy, technology strategy, workforce strategy, safety and health, among other areas of importance to the industry.
HRL became a charter member in SIA to take part in meetings and voice its opinions on how the countryís Trusted Foundry Program affects the rest of the industry. HRL is the only compound semiconductor fabrication facility to participate as a charter member in SIA.
HRL received its initial accreditation in 2007 as a Trusted Foundry for the Department of Defense from the Trusted Access Foundry Program Office of the National Security Agency. In 2008, HRL received its reaccreditation from the Defense Microelectronics Activity, which has since taken over the program.
HRL is one of 19 companies currently accredited by the program, which was established to assess and verify the integrity of the facilities and processes used to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute critical national-security microelectronic components. HRL has served the DoD, U.S. government agencies, and major contractors in providing microelectronics foundry services for military and aerospace applications since 1960.
About HRL Laboratories
HRL Laboratories, LLC (, Malibu, California, is a corporate research-and-development laboratory owned by The Boeing Company and General Motors specializing in research into sensors and materials, information and systems sciences, applied electromagnetics, and microelectronics. HRL provides custom research and development and performs additional R&D contract services for its LLC member companies, the U.S. government, and other commercial companies.
Source: HRL Laboratories (press release)
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