Posted: January 19, 2009

Celerity Introduces Next Generation GF100 Series Mass Flow Controllers for Semiconductor Device and Solar Cell Manufacturing

(Nanowerk News) Celerity, Inc., a technology leader in precision instruments and advanced gas and liquid delivery solutions for the global semiconductor, solar and electronics industries, announced today the introduction of its new GF100 series mass flow controller (MFC) designed to precisely measure, monitor and control ultra high purity process gas chemistry in semiconductor device and solar cell manufacturing processes. The new Celerity GF100 series MFC is a highly configurable platform featuring Celerity's second generation proprietary pressure transient insensitive flow technology, which improves process control, reduces cost of ownership, and eliminates complexity of inventory management.
The new Celerity GF100 series mass flow controller product family features a number of key benefits including high accuracy, reproducible gas measurement, control from advanced digital architecture, in situ electronic reconfiguration of gas and flow range for maximum process flexibility and optimization, pressure transient insensitive flow technology design (enables significant cost and size reduction of high purity gas delivery systems), and intelligent embedded diagnostics, service port and software for simple and efficient on-tool maintenance.
"Celerity is a market leader in advanced digital ultra high purity mass flow controllers and an industry pioneer in pressure transient insensitive MFCs. By leveraging our extensive experience in gas flow control, the GF100 series is a continuous improvement update (CIP) of our market leading precision mass flow controllers, providing customers with a seamless RoHS compliant upgrade for enhanced process control and lower cost of ownership," said David Somo, Celerity's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
About Celerity
Celerity is a technology leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of precision instruments and advanced gas and liquid delivery solutions that are integral to the equipment used in manufacturing semiconductors, flat panel displays, solar panels and related products. Celerity, headquartered in San Jose, California, has approximately 800 employees worldwide, and is a privately held company with a majority ownership by Texas Pacific Group. For additional information, please visit
Source: Celerity (press release)
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