Posted: January 20, 2009

Optics Balzers AG, Formerly Oerlikon Optics, Produces Advanced Patterned Coating Solutions for OEM Applications

(Nanowerk News) Optics Balzers AG, formerly Oerlikon Optics, is a leading supplier of precision optical components. The company offers a unique portfolio of patterned coatings solutions for OEM applications. As a manufacturer of components with a longstanding reputation for advanced optical coatings, Optics Balzers AG continues to supply customers with high quality coated optical components in many markets including; Sensors & Imaging, Automotive, Biophotonics, and Advanced Lighting. Our capabilities include wafer level processing and individual component supply in high volume with consistently high quality and reliability.
Multifunctional low defect AR coatings, infrared blocking filters and index matched ITO coatings - combined with chrome apertures, solderable frames or B-stage epoxy frames for MEMS, CCD sensors – allow the highest resolution of advanced imaging sensors for scientific and industrial applications. Depending on the specific requirements, wet etching, reactive ion etching or microlithography technology are applied.
Patterned CMY Wheels, Flags, Animation Wheels and Gobos manufactured by microlithography, laser ablation or wet etching ensure the best effects and purest color mixing in moving heads for entertainment and studio lighting.
High resolution patterned dichroic color filters enable miniaturization of sensors and detectors including reduction of the components required for optical systems.
Low defect glass substrates with customized metal or dielectric coating in combination with photo-lithographic patterning achieving micron-size resolution for fluorescence and label-less detection platforms and other biological and life science applications. Planar waveguides (PWG) with sub-micron gratings manufactured with dry etching technologies for the highest sensitivity molecular fluorescence tests in Pharmaceutical development.
“As a global supplier we are in a unique position as an OEM development and production partner in many markets such as Sensor & Imaging, Automotive, Biophotonics, Advanced Lighting and several other industrial applications. By offering a state of the art portfolio of advanced optical products and a world class engineering and product development organization to support our customers”, says Guglielmo Cappellari, Head of Product Management for Optics Balzers AG.
Optics Balzers will be present at the SPIE Photonics West and BiOS 2009 in San José, California, USA, from January 24 – 29, 2009.
Optics Balzers AG (former Oerlikon Optics) enables innovative optical solutions for more than 60 years. As a global leader in optical thin-film components and subassemblies, Optics Balzers focuses on selected markets such as Advanced Lighting, Automotive, Biophotonics, Projection Display, and Sensors & Imaging. The company possesses a comprehensive know-how in optical thin-film coatings, glass processing, patterning, sealing, and optical subassemblies. Optics Balzers has 150 employees and generates annual sales of about CHF 35 million. The company is headquartered in Balzers, Liechtenstein.
Source: Optics Balzers (press release)
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