Posted: January 21, 2009

RHK Technology Expands Nanotechnology Research Capability Through New Software

(Nanowerk News) RHK announces the release of XPMPro™ 2.0 software. XPMPro provides real-time data acquisition, analysis, and image processing for SPM nanotechnology research.
Everyday, in university and government labs around the globe, RHK AFM/STM systems lead to new discoveries in nanotechnology. XPMPro™ is the cornerstone of these systems. The new release allows researchers to manipulate atoms with more control, automatically track individual atoms moving across a surface, compensate for thermal drift in 3 dimensions, and expands advanced spectroscopy techniques.
Adam Kollin, President of RHK states, "We've added new capabilities and advanced solutions to overcome the challenges researchers face as they push the limits of today's technology. The release of 2.0 ensures that scientists can continue to expand the frontiers of nano-scale research." Users can visit to download XPMPro™ 2.0 control software.
About RHK Technology
RHK Technology develops and manufactures a complete line of scanning probe microscopes for the performance and customization needs of research scientists around the world. The SPM industry leader in innovation, reliability, open architecture, and customer support, RHK has delivered a consistently superior product for twenty years. Our newest products bolster a reputation for uncompromised excellence.
Source: RHK Technologies (press release)
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