Posted: January 21, 2009

Manhattan Scientifics and Los Alamos National Laboratory Sign Licensing Partnership Agreement

(Nanowerk News) Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. announced today that it successfully completed and entered into an exclusive license agreement with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This new agreement pertains to the improved manufacturing techniques and medical use applications for Los Alamos National Laboratory's nano-structured metals and alloys technology.
Manhattan Scientifics recently announced FDA approval of its nano-titanium dental implants. Manhattan Scientifics' Metallicum division is planning to manufacture these nano-titanium implants at Danlin Products, Manhattan Scientific's affiliated manufacturing partner in Albuquerque, N.M.
MHTX's nano-structured metals also have wide implications for use in the medical device and prosthetics industries including cardiovascular stents, dental implants, and replacements for hips, shoulders and knees. Clinical studies have shown that bone integrates with these new metals up to 20 times faster than with conventional metals. This means faster healing after surgery and ultimately longer life for nano-structured metal implants.
Manhattan Scientifics also began pursuing strategic corporate partners in the auto, truck, rail and aircraft manufacturing industries. The use of super stronger metals means less material is required for the same purpose, translating to lighter weight vehicles and reduced environmental impact. The proprietary technology is expected to trim thousands of pounds from airplanes and hundreds of pounds from cars without sacrificing structural strength or adding significant cost. The fuel savings to the general pubic could be significant.
Manhattan Scientifics' acquisition of Metallicum Inc. was an important step towards formulating its new business model, positioning itself as a "green" technology development company.
About Manhattan Scientifics
Manhattan Scientifics, Inc., , is located in New Mexico, New York, and Montreal. It is developing and plans to acquire technologies in a variety of environmentally friendly energy and other people-friendly industries.
Source: Manhattan Scientifics (press release)
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