Posted: January 27, 2009

New Collaboration in the Nanoimprint Lithography Industry

(Nanowerk News) NIL Technology and IMS Chips have started a collaboration to efficiently combine their capabilities related to electron beam lithography. Whereas NIL Technology possesses key competences within production of stamps for NIL through the operation of a state-of-the-art Gaussian shaped electron beam writer, IMS Chips, a center of competence for beam lithography has developed various patterning technologies for wafers, masks and stamps using a variable shape electron beam writer.
The direct access to both Gaussian shaped and variable shaped electron beam lithography (EBL) puts the collaborators in a unique position to combine high speed and high resolution definition of nanostructures. Complex stamps for NIL can be produced with very high quality at competitive prices. The unique combination of these EBL technologies put NIL Technology and IMS Chips in the same league as less than a handful of other companies around the world who also use combined EBL.
Theodor Kamp Nielsen, CEO of NIL Technology and Mathias Irmscher, Head of Nanopatterning Division of IMS Chips, comment, “We see this collaboration as a giant step on our path to fulfil the present and future requirements from many companies working with NIL. They are moving towards more complex designs which require more and more complex NIL stamps and solutions. The combined use of both state-of-the-art EBL technologies enables us to continue supporting our customers with world-class solutions.”
About NIL Technology ApS
NIL Technology is a nanotechnology company located in Copenghagen, Denmark. NIL Technology is engaged in the fabrication of stamps for nanoimprint lithography (NIL), nanoimprint processing and electron beam lithography. NIL is a disruptive lithography technology listed on the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) as a lithography candidate for the 32 nm node and beyond. Our corporate objective is to become the leading supplier of nanoimprint lithography stamps. NIL Technology has unique competencies within nanoimprint lithography, nanoimprint lithography stamp production and electron beam lithography.
About IMS Chips
The Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart (trade name IMS Chips), a foundation under civil law, provides the infrastructure and the know-how to develop together with industrial partners new electronical, micromechanical and optical components, devices and systems. For this purpose CMOS and mask fabrication processes are available in a 700 m2 clean room. Prototyping or low volume production of the developed components and devices can be done in the certified IMS Chips line. Due to the flexibility regarding substrate materials, substrate sizes and processes, a broad range of technologies has been established and qualified. One key competence of IMS Chips is the fabrication of templates for the Nano Imprint Lithography based on quartz or silicon substrates in different form factors.
Source: NIL Technology (press release)
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