Posted: January 27, 2009

Bookham Introduces High Precision New Focus(TM) 4-Axis Beam Controller

(Nanowerk News) Bookham, Inc. has announced the launch of the New Focus 8780 GuideStar™ 4-Axis beam stabilization controller. The high performance controller enables precise laser alignment in critical applications including advanced scientific research, semiconductor metrology and lithography, material processing, medical diagnostics and surgery, and aerospace and defense systems.
The fully integrated controller and driver with built in micro-processor is designed to correct laser beam misalignments arising from factors including pointing drift inherent in the laser source, and thermal and stress induced changes in the optics and mechanics within the laser-based system.
The 8780 GuideStar Controller combines with the New Focus USB-compatible Position-Sensing Detectors and 'set and forget' Picomotor™ actuated motorized mirror mounts to provide a complete beam control solution. The 8780 GuideStar Controller, Position Sensing Detectors, and Picomotor actuators are available through the New Focus Catalog and website - - and will be demonstrated on the Bookham booth (#1515) at Photonics West.
"Laser drift and misalignment is a major concern for engineers undertaking critical research or industrial projects, with significant time wasted in realignment, and significant cost incurred due to signal degradation, failure of experiments, and service repair," said Chris Iaconis, Product Line Manager for New Focus Motion Control products. "The high performance 8780 GuideStar Controller continuously analyzes beam position and applies the required beam corrections, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the most demanding laser applications."
The controller features built-in Auto-Configuration to quickly and easily determine the loop parameters within the GuideStar system, and USB, Ethernet and RS232 connections provide flexibility for sending high level commands and reading data.
About Bookham
Bookham, Inc. is a leading provider of high performance optical products, spanning from components to advanced subsystems. The company designs and manufactures a broad range of solutions tailored for the telecommunications optical infrastructure and selected markets, including industrial, life sciences, semiconductor, and scientific. The Company utilizes proprietary core technologies and a vertically integrated manufacturing organization to provide its customers with cost-effective and innovative devices, as well as flexible, scalable product delivery. Bookham is a global company, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with leading edge chip fabrication facilities in the UK and Switzerland, and manufacturing sites in the USA and China.
About New Focus
New Focus, a Bookham brand, is a leading name in the provision of photonics solutions for demanding semiconductor, life science, industrial, scientific, and other applications. New Focus products include high-performance lasers, modulators, detectors, high-resolution actuators, optomechanics and optics for precision measurement and processing.
Source: Bookham (press release)
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