Posted: January 27, 2009

NanoSight Launches New Super-Sensitive Nanoparticle Characterization System

(Nanowerk News) NanoSight, the UK nanoparticle characterization company, announces the release of a new super-sensitive system to compliment their range of instruments for imaging and sizing nanoparticles in liquid suspension. The system utilizes EMCCD camera technology (Electron Multiplication Charge Coupled Device) which has improved the sensitivity of the standard Nanosight system by a factor of x100. In practical terms, this means that the lower limit of detection for a particular particle type has been improved by a factor of two when compared to the standard LM10 system.
NanoSight Head of Applications, Andrew Malloy, explains how this advance offers exciting potential in applications such as the detection of viruses including bacteriophages: “The ability to detect very small, low refractive index viruses (~20nm) and provide absolute virus concentrations is of paramount importance to those working in vaccine manufacture, phage therapeutics, virus clearance studies and virus purification. The ability to count virus concentration had previously only been possible through labor-intensive Electron Microscopy whereas the NanoSight technique can provide information on virus concentration in less than a minute.
NanoSight’s new super sensitive LM10-HS system with Andor camera
NanoSight’s new super sensitive LM10-HS system with Andor camera
A specification sheet for the LM10-HS is available from the NanoSight web site along with more information about NanoSight and the principles of nanoparticle tracking analysis. Visit
About NanoSight
NanoSight Ltd, of Amesbury, UK, is the world leading provider of instruments for the optical detection and real time analysis of sub-micron particles. The Company supplies unique instruments for nanoparticle analysis in the sub-micron region that go far beyond existing light scattering techniques in characterising polydispersed systems. The company currently has over 100 systems in service worldwide having begun commercial sales in 2006.
The Company’s proprietary knowledge and expertise has enabled the delivery of technologies to blue chip companies and universities for direct visualisation of individual nanoscale particles in suspension from which independent quantitative estimation of particle size, size distribution and concentration are immediately obtained. The Company has recently launched additions to its advanced Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) software that build on the ground-breaking work of NanoSight’s LM20 and LM10 systems.
Source: NanoSight (press release)
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