Posted: January 27, 2009

'Black Silicon' Company Adds Top Image Sensor Talent from MagnaChip

(Nanowerk News) SiOnyx, Inc., the leading innovator in shallow junction photonics - a patented semiconductor process coined ‘black silicon’ that radically alters the photonic properties of semiconductor devices - has added several leading image sensor scientists and engineers to its team and opened an engineering office in Beaverton, Oregon.
Dr. Homayoon Haddad, previously Vice President of Advanced Sensor & Pixel Development for MagnaChip Semiconductor, has joined SiOnyx as Vice President of Device Engineering. Leading the company’s west coast team, Dr. Haddad is responsible for next generation shallow junction detector and image sensor development. During his tenure with MagnaChip, Dr. Haddad managed the development of 2.2, 1.7, and 1.4 um pixel technologies and released the first 1.75 um color BSI sensor in 2007. Prior to MagnaChip, Dr. Haddad spent more than 20 years at Hewlett Packard and Agilent where he held a variety of technology management and engineering roles.
Dr. Haddad’s team consists of top engineers and scientists, each with decades of experience in the design, development and mass production of image sensors from industry leading companies such as Micron, HP, Agilent, Avago and Texas Instruments.
SiOnyx CEO Stephen Saylor noted, “SiOnyx is fortunate to have acquired such outstanding talent with combined experience of more than 50 years in the image sensing and detecting market. Industry interest in devices made from black silicon is very encouraging, and Dr. Haddad and his team will be instrumental in accelerating the delivery of new products to market.”
SiOnyx is producing devices that represent the first and only known, low cost, highly scalable platform for hyper-spectral imaging. The SiOnyx implant method is compatible with established semiconductor manufacturing processes and introduces no new material.
“Black silicon offers incredible promise in the sensing and detecting markets where engineers have suffered for decades with the limited response of silicon,” said Dr. Haddad. “It’s 100 times more sensitive to light and incredibly thin, making Black Silicon a true breakthrough in the development of smaller, cheaper, high performance imaging systems.”
About SiOnyx
SiOnyx is the leading innovator in shallow junction photonics, a patented semiconductor process coined “Black Silicon” by researchers at Harvard University who first discovered the phenomenon. Black silicon radically transforms the performance of photonic devices. It provides scientists and engineers with an innovative platform for advancing a wide array of technologies from simple light detectors to advanced medical imaging systems. Additional information about SiOnyx is available at
Source: SiOnyx (press release)
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