Posted: January 27, 2009

CETR's Apex Is The Next Generation Nano And Micro Indenter And Scratcher

(Nanowerk News) CETR announced this week the launch of its newest test instrumentation – “Apex”. Apex is the next generation nano-mechanical test instrument providing industry-leading sensitivity, control and unmatched performance. The tool comes with two interchangeable modules - Nano indenter (NH-3) and Micro indenter (MH-2). The modules can be easily interchanged for Nano and Micro range mechanical tests.
Optional imaging modules include integrated AFM, 3D Profiler and a High magnification optical microscope. They image the sample immediately after the test without its removal.
Both NH-3 and MH-2 modules can be used to indent (to measure hardness, Young’s modulus, Von Mises Stress, etc.) or scratch the material (to do scratch adhesion, scratch-hardness) as well as wear and friction at nano and micro scales.
Apex has been designed for thin-films, pvd & cvd coatings, hard coatings, microelectronics, magnetic and optical media, solar cells, MEMS, bio-films, etc. The tool comes with numerous useful features such as a large library of standards for calculating material properties, user defined algorithm and models, customized programmable recipes, advanced statistical analysis software for comprehensive fundamental materials research.
CETR has already shipped the first two units; one to a leading university in Asia and other to a famous academic institute in Europe.
For further information, please contact [email protected] or visit WWW.CETR.COM
Source: CETR (press release)
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