Posted: January 28, 2009

Porvair to Introduce New Range of Innovative, Solid-State Sample Preparation Products

(Nanowerk News) Porvair Filtration Group has announced that it will unveil, at Pittcon 2009 (Booth 3877), a new range of innovative, solid-state sample preparation products enabling life scientists to accelerate the purification of biological molecules and materials.
Using a proprietary manufacturing process - Porvair has created a new highly purified porous polyethylene material. Using novel ActiVyon™ technologies, Porvair have chemically modifed and activated the polymer to create a series of new materials used in the production of an exciting new range of BioVyon™ protein purification and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) microplates and columns.
porvair solid-state sample preparation products
BioVyon™ Protein A products offer a new, simple and rapid method for antibody purification. Unlike existing protein purification technologies there are no time consuming slurries to equilibrate and pour into columns. Just remove your BioVyon Protein A plate or column from its packaging, add buffer and you are ready to begin your purification. Unlike traditional gel-based products - BioVyon™ Protein A 96-well plates are fully compatible with robotic systems uniquely enabling rapid development of automated protocols.
The new BioVyon™ SPE products set a new standard in solid phase extraction. Novel solid state SPE technology and superior resin packed microplates and columns results in, lower hold up volumes, better well-to-well and column-to-column consistency and thus better recoveries.
Further information on these exciting new products and the novel solid state material sample preparation technology is available at
The Porvair Filtration Group is an acknowledged world leader in the development and manufacture of specialist porous materials and filtration systems. With expertise in a wide range of media, and over 150 years of accumulated experience in filtration, the Group designs and manufactures high performance filtration, separation and purification products and systems for the most demanding applications and environments.
For further information on the exciting new products mentioned above please contact Porvair on telephone +44-1489-864330, email [email protected] or visit the website at
Source: Porvair Filtration Group (press release)
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