Posted: January 28, 2009

The Automation Partnership Launches New High-Throughput Nano-Litre Plate Production System

(Nanowerk News) The Automation Partnership (TAP) launched its latest development, a new high throughput nano-litre plate production system, at the LabAutomation Conference in Palm Springs, CA, USA this week.
Coda™ has been developed to allow Sample Management groups to efficiently create nano-litre assay ready plates for screening customers. Coda combines TAP's unrivalled experience in robust and reliable automation with the latest acoustic dispensing technology. The system is capable of creating standard block-replication plates, as well as cherry picked and IC50 plates. It can add DMSO or buffer to compounds, and insert test-specific controls or standards anywhere within the output plates.
The Coda architecture allows other peripheral devices such as centrifuges, sealers, and labellers to easily be integrated into the work cell and the process. TAP's proprietary PlateSafe® storage and transfer system can be used both for rapid work cell loading, and for longer term storage of the source plate collections. Alternatively, more traditional stackers can be employed. Coda also includes a storage carousel facilitating random access to source plates.
When coupled with relevant modules of TAP's Concerto Sample Management Software, Coda provides unprecedented flexibility in the formats of output plates which can be created. Each test may have its own format defined, with no restriction on how samples or controls are laid out - ideal for eliminating any positional bias from assay results. Concerto modules can also be employed to create intermediate dilution plates via existing equipment, and to collate multiple orders to run efficiently on the work cell. Concerto can easily be configured to augment an existing Sample Management system, avoiding the need for a major re-investment in management software.
Andrew Proudfoot, Director of Technical Sales at TAP, says "The first two Coda systems have sailed through their factory tests, impressing our customers with their speed and reliability. Despite its complexity, this project was also completed on time - testament to the value our customers gain from our ISO9001 accreditation."
Coda is the latest development from TAP, leaders in developing advanced automation and software for a range of sample management needs for over 15 years.
Source: The Automation Partnership (press release)
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