Posted: February 2, 2009

Veeco Introduces Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope

(Nanowerk News) Veeco Instruments Inc., a leading provider of atomic force microscopes (AFMs) to the nanoscience community, announced today the release of its Dimension® Icon™ AFM. Building upon the world’s most utilized large-sample AFM platform, the latest member of Veeco’s Dimension product line delivers the highest resolution, best ease-of-use, and fastest time-to-results of any large-sample AFM on the market today. The Dimension Icon brings new levels of performance, ease and productivity to researchers using AFM throughout nanoscale science and industry.
“Veeco’s Dimension Icon represents a new generation of high-performance, easy-to-use AFM, having been engineered from the ground up to incorporate all of our latest AFM modes and techniques,” said Mark R. Munch, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Veeco Metrology. “The Icon is the first large-sample AFM specifically designed to address atomic force microscopy needs of both the research lab and industrial applications. With the Icon AFM, our customers can, more simply than ever, perform analysis ranging from quantitative automated characterization to atomic scale imaging across our core markets of material science, semiconductor, data storage, and energy research.”
According to one of the Icon AFM’s beta users, Professor Ralf Seemann of Saarland University, Germany, “The Icon provides high-quality data more easily, and in a shorter period of time, than any other AFM that we have used.”
David Rossi, Vice President and General Manager of Veeco’s AFM Business Unit, commented, “Based upon the excellent reviews that the Icon AFM’s best-in-class performance and intuitive graphical user interface have received from our beta customers, we anticipate broad adoption of this platform in both research and industry. A major goal behind the creation of the Icon was to lower the barrier to entry for high-level AFM research, and to bring this technology into the mainstream of microscopy. We are confident that the Dimension Icon AFM will enable our customers to push the limits of their work.”
About the Icon AFM
Many of the Dimension Icon AFM’s new features are engineered specifically to enhance technical performance while simultaneously increasing usability and productivity for both new and expert AFM users. The system utilizes a revolutionary XYZ closed-loop head that scans at high-speed rates while delivering extremely low drift and low noise. These features combine to drastically cut stabilization times, allowing the system to acquire artifact-free data in much less time than is possible with any competing AFM on the market. A new high-resolution camera and integrated feedback alignment tools deliver faster probe positioning and sample navigation, allowing users to more easily locate features of interest. Finally, the redesigned software offers an intuitive workflow and default experiment modes that distill advanced AFM processes into preconfigured settings.
Source: Veeco (press release)
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