Posted: February 4, 2009

RainDance Technologies Announces Commercial Release of its Sequence Enrichment Solution

(Nanowerk News) RainDance Technologies, Inc., a provider of innovative microdroplet-based solutions for human health and disease research, today announced the commercial release of its Sequence Enrichment Solution for sales in North America.
In an announcement at the 2009 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Conference (AGBT), the company said it has begun accepting orders for the solution and has started commercial production of the solution’s components for shipment during the first quarter.
“This milestone represents the first commercialized application of our exciting RainStorm™ microdroplet-based technology platform,” said Chris McNary, President and Chief Executive Officer of RainDance Technologies. “It underscores the power of droplet-based biology to increase the depth of understanding about biological problems and increase the pace of biomedical discovery.”
The RainDance Sequence Enrichment Solution incorporates RainStorm technology for targeted sequencing applications of the human genome. It will enable the high-resolution analysis of genetic variation between individuals within populations at a level unmatched by current methodologies. The solution dramatically improves sample uniformity and reduces the selection bias typically associated with targeted sequencing.
The Sequence Enrichment Solution consists of the following components:
  • The RDT 1000 system generates picoliter-volume discrete PCR reactions in droplets at the unprecedented rate of 10 million per hour. It amplifies hundreds to thousands of genomic loci with high specificity and uniformity.
  • Custom-Order Content for DNA Primer Libraries will be available that enable the amplification of hundreds to thousands of genomic loci in a single tube. RainDance customers can design and order these libraries specifically for their research applications.
  • Sequence enrichment consumables kits, provide a complete workflow solution for easy implementation in the laboratory.
  • The company also announced that comprehensive training and support services are available to maximize the operating performance of the solution.
    “This commercialization step is the culmination of a rigorous Early Access Partner program that involved some of the world’s leading genomic research institutions,” said McNary. “These organizations see the potential of our Sequence Enrichment Solution to enhance the performance of their next-generation sequencing platforms and accelerate their discovery process.”
    RainDance also is presenting a workshop, "Enrichment of Genomic Loci for Targeted Sequencing Applications", at the AGBT Conference on February 6 to explain the application and benefits of its new technology in genomics research.
    For sales information, contact [email protected] or call 781-861-6300. The company said the Sequence Enrichment Solution will be available for purchase in Europe later this year.
    Source: RainDance Technologies (press release)
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