Posted: February 4, 2009

Industry's Lowest Power, Smallest Die-Area Analog-to-Digital Converter IP Solution in Advanced 65nm Process Node

(Nanowerk News) Alvand Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mixed-signal ASIC and IP solutions, today announced the production-readiness of the industry’s lowest power, smallest die-area analog-to-digital converter (ADC) intellectual property (IP) for advanced digital TV (DTV), digital imaging and wireless LAN applications. Designed in UMC’s leading 65nm manufacturing process node, the ALVADC10_205M65U IP solution from Alvand is a robust 10-bit, 205 Mega-samples-per-second (MSPS) pipeline ADC that features excellent dynamic range performance, with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 58.5 dBFS, and high immunity to substrate noise.
Alvand’s ALVADC10_205M65U IP solution features the industry’s lowest power consumption of 30mW at 205MSPS, which represents a 200% to 500% power savings over competitive offerings. In addition, Alvand’s ADC solution features the industry’s smallest die area of 0.12mm2 in 65nm, which is up to 10X smaller than competitive solutions, as well as having small pitch of about 200um. The combination of ultra low-power and small die area enables customers to develop high-performance systems that require a high density of multi-channel ADCs on chip, as well as highly energy efficient solutions for power-sensitive portable and mobile devices.
Based on Alvand’s patented ADC technology, the best-in-class ALVADC10_205M65U IP solution has successfully been integrated by a worldwide leading provider of digital multimedia and digital television semiconductor solutions, whose products are ramping into production this month. The ALVADC10_205M65U IP complements Alvand’s existing portfolio of high-performance, ultra low-power ADC and analog front end (AFE) IP solutions that are shipping in volume production by multiple customers.
“We’re excited to have again raised the bar of innovation for the industry in high-performance, ultra low-power and small die-area A/D converter technology,” said Mansour Keramat, president and chief executive officer at Alvand Technologies. “This is the fourth consecutive process node (180nm, 130nm, 90nm and now 65nm) in which we have demonstrated clear market and technology leadership in advanced ADC solutions, as evidenced by multiple industry recognitions we have received, and we expect our leadership to continue into the 40nm node this year.”
Alvand provides a complete design kit to its customers for fast and reliable integration of the IP into customers’ design flow. The design kit includes datasheet, integration guideline, physical design database, LVS netlist, behavioral model, timing model, silicon validation report and evaluation board.
Source: Alvand Technologies (press release)
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