Posted: February 9, 2009

NanoTox Chief Scientific Officer to Speak on Nano Environmental Health and Safety at Rice University

(Nanowerk News) nanoTox Inc., the only company to provide complete risk assessment exclusively for nanoparticles, announced today that its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. David Hobson, will be a panelist at the 8th Annual Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum. The forum will be held at Rice University in Houston, Texas, on February 12, 2009.
One of the world’s foremost toxicological experts on the commercialization and development of safe nanotechnologies, Dr. Hobson will speak on Nano Environmental Health and Safety.
"As companies employ nanoparticles in their processes and products, making sure that the public and our environment are safe from unintended effects is a valid and necessary concern," stated Dr. Hobson. "With proper analysis and applied solutions, however, we can mitigate, manage and even eliminate risks that may be associated with these particles and enjoy the many benefits nanotechnology promises."
Dr. Hobson has 30 years of practical experience in toxicologic research and development including environmental, industrial, and medical projects for government, industry and private concerns. His experience with nanomaterials includes pharmacological and toxicological research using in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical models; preparation of medical device submissions to regulatory agencies, as well as chemistry and manufacturing controls and pharmacology/toxicology sections for new drug applications. His work with nanoTox Inc. involves the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities and test procedures that are conducted for clients under strict confidentiality and in accordance with established U.S. good laboratory practices and international data quality standards.
Dr. Hobson is a noted consultant to government and industry on product and technology development issues for dermatologic, wound healing and tissue repair therapeutics. He also is a past president of the American College of Toxicology and an editorial advisor to the International Journal of Toxicology. At the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, he teaches courses in biophysics, nuclear pharmacy, immunoassay and radiation biology.
Dr. Hobson has many scientific publications to his credit including the book Dermal and Ocular Toxicology: Fundamentals and Methods; and book chapters on product risk assessment, toxicology study design, toxicology of wound healing, dermal toxicology and gastrointestinal toxicology. He has led successful projects including all aspects of pharmaceutical development – from discovery, development and registration to post-market support – which have resulted in currently marketed pharmaceutical products and numerous patents.
About nanoTox
Located in Austin, Texas, nanoTox is the only company to provide complete and confidential assessment exclusively for nanoparticles and nanoproducts. Using state of the art toxicologic procedures designed specifically for nanomaterials, nanoTox evaluates the safety of its clients’ nanoproducts and offers strategies for managing, reducing or eliminating risk to meet state and federal safety guidelines and shorten time to market. Because nanoTox uses methodologies that are performed under recognized international data quality standards (GLP, ISO, etc.) in its laboratories, the results and associated assessments are suitable for use to support investment, development and regulatory decisions, product registrations, litigation and for acceptance by the insurance industry.
nanoTox ensures complete client confidentiality for all of its clients, which include companies or entities that require government approval to market their nanoproducts, venture capital firms that invest in nanoproduct companies, law firms engaged by such companies and insurance companies considering insuring such companies from liability.
About the Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum
The purpose of the Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum is to provide the audience with insights into the commercial applications of nanotechnology and to bring together early-stage nanotechnology companies with investors. The forum is hosted by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, the Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology and the Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University. Since its inception in 1999, the Rice Alliance has assisted in the launch of more than 230 technology companies that have raised more than $500 million in early-stage funding.
Source: nanoTox (press release)
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