Posted: February 10, 2009

Yangzhou Zhongke Semiconductor Lighting Center Orders AIXTRON CRIUS System for Solid-State Lighting Program

(Nanowerk News) AIXTRON AG today announced an order received in the second quarter 2008 for an Close Coupled Showerhead® CRIUS® system with 31x2" wafer configuration from a new customer, Yangzhou Zhongke Semiconductor Lighting Center Co. Ltd.
The ordered system was delivered to Yangzhou Zhongke’s state of the art facility in the Yangzhou High-Tech Venture Services Center, PR China in the fourth quarter 2008. Its application will be for the development and volume production of UHB blue /green LEDs. CEO of Yangzhou Zhongke, Dr. Guohong Wang comments: “Our goal is to promote the LED-based solid-state lighting industry in China. I have long-time familiarity with AIXTRON MOCVD systems such as the AIX 200 and AIX 2400G3 15x2" AlInGaP system used for diode laser applications at the Institute of Semiconductors at Chinese Academy of Sciences and regard them as second to none in all round utility for optoelectronic structure fabrication. The CRIUS® has set the standard for UHB GaN LED production and we keenly anticipate its rapid commissioning.“
CTO of Yanghzhou Zhongke, Prof. Yiping Zhen comments: “In our assessment of MOCVD equipment for the GaN UHB LED application the AIXTRON total CRIUS® package is the one that will best suit our needs today and tomorrow. Our plan is ambitious, we want to develop as rapidly as possible a top class solid-state lighting technology. I believe we can achieve this with equipment and service of the high quality we can rely on AIXTRON to deliver“.
Yangzhou Zhongke is a start-up company, its strategy is based on the R&D achievements of the Institute of Semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS). The plan is to develop the procedures and processes for the mass production of advanced technology such as UHB LEDs. The Semiconductor Lighting R&D Center Co. Ltd., was established by Yangzhou New Light Source Technical Development Co., Ltd and the Institute of Semiconductors at Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) in October 2007.
Source: Aixtron (press release)
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