Posted: February 10, 2009

SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonders Continue to be Dominant Advanced MEMS Market Shareholder

(Nanowerk News) MST.factory dortmund, a renowned center of competence for micro and nanotechnology based in Germany, has purchased the CB8 High Performance Wafer Bonder from SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of innovative process and testing solutions. This purchase continues last year’s success when SUSS MicroTec has won more than 80% of the MEMS production wafer bonder orders to become the dominant Advanced MEMS market shareholder in wafer bonding.
The CB8 semi-automated 200mm wafer bonder recently installed at MST.factory dortmund is being used to develop processes for advanced wafer bonding, particularly for Cu-Cu, Au-Au, Al-Al and other state of the art advanced MEMS bonding techniques. Recipes developed on the CB8 can easily be transferred to the CBC200 Wafer Bond Cluster for a smooth transition from the lab or low-volume production to full production.
The highly versatile CB8 was chosen over competitive systems for its capability to run all advanced MEMS bond processes including eutectic, fusion, and metal diffusion that are needed to support the innovative micro/nanotechnology requirements of MST.factory’s various business partners.
“With the trend for 200mm MEMS manufacturers to move to MEMS foundries utilizing advanced metal bond technologies we are very pleased to be accepted as the supplier of choice for bonders to help MEMS manufacturers achieve significant size and cost reduction for their devices” said Wilfried Bair, General Manager of the bonder division, SUSS MicroTec, “We see MST.factory’s selection of the CB8 for process development as a positive sign that these advanced technologies will soon be in production on SUSS equipment.”
Source: SUSS MicroTec (press release)
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