Posted: February 10, 2009

Yuri Udaltsov Appointed as RUSNANO Board Member, Director for Innovation-Based Development

(Nanowerk News) In his new position Yuri Udaltsov will lead the direction of stimulating the innovative development, including the creation of a legislative base and infrastructure for innovation.
The decision on the appointment was made at a session of the Corporationís Supervisory Council.
Rusnano board member Yuri Udaltsov
Yuri Udaltsov
Yuri A. Udaltsov was born on July 30, 1961, in Moscow. In 1984, he graduated from the department of Applied Mathematics and Economics at the Moscow Physics and Technology Institute. He is a PhD in Physics and Mathematical Sciences. Between 1987 and 1996 he worked in the computing center of the USSR Academy of Science (later the Russian Academy of Science). Between 1996 and 2000 held a position of a Director of the Moscow branch of the Carana Corporation. Since 2000 till 2004 he was a Head of Reform Management Center of RAO UES of Russia. Between 2004 and 2008 he has been a member of the administration and leader of the control center for UES of Russia. From 2009, he is a member of the executive board and director for the innovation-based development of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO).
Source: Rusnano (press release)
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