Posted: February 11, 2009

Veeco Announces 'Seeing at the Nanoscale' Conference in July

(Nanowerk News) Veeco Instruments Inc., a leading provider of atomic force microscopes (AFMs) to the nanoscience community, announced today that it will host the “Seeing at the Nanoscale VII” conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), July 28–31, 2009.
Celebrating its seventh year, the conference provides the optimum forum for academic and industrial scientists to share information and exchange ideas on a wide variety of advanced nanotechnology topics, ranging from novel imaging approaches and unique material characterization to combining AFM with other technologies, such as confocal microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. This year there is also a special session on emerging AFM markets, such as energy generation, storage and conservation. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are now being accepted at
The 2009 Seeing at the Nanoscale conference is chaired by David Awschalom, UCSB, and co-chaired by James Gimzewski, UCLA. In addition to invited presentations from each session chair, the conference will also feature oral presentations by Jun Hu of the Institute of Applied Physics, China; Hirofumi Yamada of Kyoto University, Japan; and co-chair James Gimzewski.
Professor Gimzewski, one of the pioneers of nanotechnology and SPM, commented, "In light of the physical manipulation capabilities of AFM, Seeing at the Nanoscale is increasingly ‘feeling’ at the nanoscale. The conference has become a great venue to hear about cutting-edge developments in enabling tools for nanotechnology, biology and medicine."
“The focused conference sessions and poster presentations allow hundreds of researchers from around the world to network and collaborate while addressing a select range of AFM-enabled discoveries. This process helps to accelerate global advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology.” said Chanmin Su, Director of AFM Technology at Veeco.
In conjunction with the three-day conference, Veeco will host an extensive one-day training course covering a variety of AFM techniques, such as HarmoniX™ Material Property Mapping and Microscope Image Registration Overlay (MIRO). Conference sessions for 2009 include:

Session 1: Force Probing and Imaging Biology to the Nanoscopic Scale

Chair: Daniel Müller, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Session 2: Next-Generation Materials and Polymer Systems

Chair: Sergei Sheiko, University of North Carolina, USA

Session 3: Beyond Topography: Measurement of Physical Properties at the Nanoscale ? Nanomechanical, Electrical, Optical, Magnetic and Thermal

Chair: Mark VanLandingham, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, USA

Session 4: Extending the Limits of SPM: High-Speed Scanning, Ultra High-Resolution Imaging, Multiple-Probe SPM, Novel Probes and Combinations of AFM with Other Technologies

Chair: Olav Solgaard, Stanford University, USA

Special Session: Nanoscale Materials for Energy Applications

Chair: Mowafak Al-Jassim, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

The conference is co-sponsored by Veeco and the California NanoSystems Institute at UCSB. More details on session, abstract submission, and invited speaker presentations may be found at
Source: Veeco (press release)
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