Posted: February 16, 2009

Advanced 45nm CMOS Process Technology Dramatically Boosts Performance in Smartphones

(Nanowerk News) To answer handset manufacturers' diverse requirements in the rapidly-evolving Smartphone and Mobile Internet Device (MID) markets, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced today that it has extended its popular OMAP™ 3 family with new 45-nanometer (nm) products.
The new OMAP36x application processor family allows mobile device manufacturers to reuse their software investment in TI's popular 65-nm OMAP34x processor family and deliver higher performance computing with lower power consumption. The OMAP36x family of products will offer a range of performance levels, including speeds up to 1GHz, to address increased high performance needs of the MID market all while delivering the low power consumption required by these battery-powered products. The migration to 45-nm technology will also deliver more affordable solutions for mainstream Smartphones. (Visit for more information.)
Features and benefits of OMAP36x family:
  • 45-nm CMOS process technology delivers higher performance with lower power consumption versus the OMAP34x family, including an approximately 25% reduction in power and 75% improvement in graphics performance.,/
  • Robust multi-tasking platform that supports running multiple applications in parallel by simultaneously exercising the CPU, multimedia performance and 2D/3D graphics engines.
  • Dedicated 2D/3D graphics hardware accelerator, enabling more immersive user interfaces and compelling graphics for applications like realistic 3D gaming.
  • Smart pixel technology via OpenGL ES 2.0 delivers stunning imaging capabilities through advanced reflection effects and life-like facial features.
  • Supports multi-standard 720p HD functionality for HD video recording and playback.
  • Integrated image signal processor (ISP) supporting up to 12 megapixel (MP) imaging for enhanced photographic image quality and fast shot-to-shot camera performance.
  • Pre-integrated support for mobile connectivity, including TI's current and future combo WiLink™ Wi-Fi solutions, NaviLink™ GPS solutions, and BlueLink™ Bluetooth(R) solutions.
  • Availability
    The OMAP36x family of products is scheduled to sample in the third quarter of 2009. These products are intended for high-volume wireless OEMs and ODMs and are not available through distributors.
    To find out more about the OMAP 36x family, visit the links below:
  • Technical information on the OMAP36x family:
  • Information on TI's 45nm process technology:
  • OMAP36x family product bulletin:
  • What they're saying about the OMAP 3 platform:
    "NEC plans to use TI's OMAP 3 platform for our near-term handset solutions, and we are pleased to see TI continue to invest in this family of products to address a range of performance needs and help us continue to deliver leading-edge, multimedia rich handsets to the market. TI also makes it easy for us to support popular mobile operating systems like LiMo, further spurring innovative, creating applications to meet the appetites of consumers around the globe," said Mr. Yoshiharu Tamura, Executive General Manager, Mobile Terminals Business Unit, NEC.
    Source: Texas Instruments (press release)
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